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Disc Golf Baskets Added to Colina Park Golf Course

January 22, 2015

Colina Park DGC Map - 01222015The San Diego Aces have helped Colina Park Golf Course in City Heights (San Diego) install 18 Discatchers on their pitch and putt golf course. The holes are from 148′ to 310′, with most in the 220-250′ range. Pins are tucked close to greens and bunkers to provide challenge and the landscape has ample elevation change, which is utilized with a few baskets perched on drop-offs. Open for disc golf play on Friday, Jan. 23rd, tee times recommended.

Colina Park is home to the First Tee of San Diego and Pro Kids Golf Academy, organizations that use golf as a vehicle for teaching life skills to kids. City Heights is a disadvantaged neighborhood and the kids enrolled in the Pro Kids Academy have a homework club and tutoring to assist them with their studies. No golf until homework is complete.

Since the facility is kid-focussed there is no smoking and no alcohol permitted on site or in the parking lot. Shirts and shoes required. The golf course is in pristine condition and should prove to be a fun place to exercise your midrange and putter game. Greens fees are $7 on weekdays, $8 on weekends with a $10 all-day option. Tee times recommended.

The Aces will hold an Ice Bowl tournament on Saturday, Feb. 28th, benefitting the San Diego Food Bank. This will be the final event in the Golden Sombrero Series of Ice Bowls. One round, starting at 2pm. $25 entry fee includes a Golden Sombrero-stamped disc and 3 mulligans. Players may purchase an additional ten mulligans for $1 each (but no more than ten!). Watch for registration on DGU.

-Allen Risley

It’s Ice Bowl Season Again!

January 7, 2015

[This article was originally posted on the SoCal Disc Golf website:]

One year ends and another begins, and in the disc golf world that means…….Ice Bowl Season is here! 2015 will be the 8th year of the Golden Sombrero Series of Ice Bowls, and it looks like it will be the biggest yet. What started several years ago with three events (Redlands, San Marcos and Palm Desert) has grown into a series with nine charity disc golf events (and maybe more…).

For those of you who aren’t sure what I’m talking about, here’s a quick synopsis: over 35 years ago a group of disc golfers in Missouri decided that they wanted to play disc golf, even if there was snow on the ground. They rounded up a few friends, made a big pot of chili on the Coleman stove and voilá, the Ice Bowl was born! Soon after the first event the Ice Bowl’s Chief Instigator (Rick Rothstein: PDGA board member, disc golf publisher and owner of Disc Golf World in Kansas City) decided to add a charity component to the winter gathering. Ice Bowls became dedicated to raising funds to feed the hungry in the community and over the years over $2 million have been raised at over 3,000 Ice Bowl events. You can learn more about Ice Bowl history at this link.

The Ice Bowl season runs for two months (January and February) so the nine events will fill the weekends. One of the ways we have generated interest in the series in the past is to award the Golden Sombrero Championship to an outstanding Ice Bowl competitor (more details below). Last year’s champ was San Diego’s Jason Perdue, who received a sparkling gold sombrero as his trophy at the end of the series. Jason will be back to defend his title this year as players will compete for a new golden sombrero and the grand prize of an Innova Discatcher Traveller Portable basket. Disc Golf United and Disc Golf World have teamed up this year to make these portable baskets easily available as Ice Bowl prizes – any Ice Bowl that pre-registers 20 players through will receive a Traveller basket to be used as a prize.

Keep in mind that above all, Ice Bowls are charity events aimed at feeding our hungry neighbors. Most events will have some way for you to contribute to the cause, either through raffles, cash donations or the sale of mulligans. The lineup (so far) for the 2015 Golden Sombrero Series is as follows:

• 8th Annual Redlands Ice Bowl at Ford Park – Saturday, Jan. 3rd.
• Prado Ice Bowl – Saturday, Jan. 10th
• Ice Bowl in Paradise (Chavez Ridge) – Saturday, Jan. 17th
• Murrieta Ice Bowl – Sunday, Jan. 18th
• Sycuan Ice Bowl (El Cajon) – Sunday, Jan. 25th
• Yucaipa Ice Bowl – Saturday, Jan. 31st
• 8th Annual San Marcos Super Ice Bowl – Sunday, Feb.1st
• Wrightwood Ice Bowl – Saturday, Feb. 21st
• Mission Bay Ice Bowl – Sunday, Feb. 22nd

Add to that the Colina Park Ice Bowl on Saturday, February 28th!

(More events may be added, links will be updated as they become available)

Daniel Boe Memorial Pre-Registration Starts Today

January 5, 2015

In 2014, we raised nearly $4,000 toward a Daniel Boe Memorial as part of the Shootout at KCP. This year we are celebrating the birthday (March 27th) and life of Daniel Boe by honoring him with this PDGA A-Tier, Steady Ed Tour and SoCal Series Event.


The event will be played at Kit Carson Park and will consist of 3 rounds of Disc Golf for each division. There will be two pools of participants (divisions in each of the pools will be selected closer to the event). Pool A will play one round Saturday, March 27th and two rounds Sunday, March 28th. Pool B will play two rounds Saturday and one round Sunday. Raffle and awards to follow the last round on Sunday.The registration process for the event will be as follows:

  • A. 2014 Shootout at KCP volunteers and players will have first priority to register (as our way of saying thank you for your help in 2014). The window will be for 2 weeks (Sunday, January 4, 6:00 PM until Saturday, January 17, 6:00 PM).
  • B. Professional players (players playing in the MPO, FPO, MPM, MPG, and MPS divisions) will be able to pre-register second (Sunday, January 18, 6:00 PM until Saturday, January 31, 6:00 PM). If you are a touring professional looking to reserve a spot, please contact Mark Verrochi.
  • C. Open Registration will begin on Saturday, January 31 at 9:00 PM. All divisions will be open for filling at that time.
  • D. If the event is full, there is still a chance you can get in. Sign up on the waitlist and if someone drops out, we will call the next person on the list. Also, on Friday March 27th, we will be having a Qualifier at 11:00 AM for all remaining waitlisted players. The best five scores from the Qualifier will earn the final five spots in the tournament.

Following the Qualifier, there will also be Doubles at 2:00 PM and a Birthday Party at 6:00 PM consisting of a player’s meeting where you can pick up your player’s pack and cake! Our plan is also to show the documentary: The Invisible String (it’s all about Frisbee!) while you enjoy the cake (if you know anyone that wants to donate a BIG cake, please let me know). There is also potential for a Ring of Fire or Putting Contest. (Details for this part of the event are still being finalized and will be emailed to all participants).


Thank you in advance to our sponsors: DGA, SDSF, San Diego Aces, Sunshine Distributions, Innova, Jeff Russell, Micah Kim Hardwood Flooring, and more to come. If you would like to sponsor the event or have any questions about this event, please contact Mark at or 603-986-7314 or check out the Daniel Boe Memorial Facebook page.


New Course(s) Update

January 5, 2015

The San Diego Aces are looking forward to installing the new 9-hole disc golf course at Mast Park in Santee in the next several weeks.  Installation has been delayed by some contract negotiations, but they are procedural details that should be worked out soon.  Please keep your eyes open for work party announcements which should be coming soon!

Another new set of disc golf baskets will be installed this January at Colina Park Golf Course in City Heights (San Diego).  2014 Aces President Allen Risley has been working with the management at Colina Park to design the disc golf layout, which will follow the existing ball golf layout.  Colina Park is a “pitch & putt” golf course, with average ball golf hole distances of 70-100 yards, so this will be a midrange-friendly disc golf layout.

Colina Park Golf Course is home base for The First Tee of San Diego, an organization that uses golf as a vehicle for teaching life skills to local kids.  Since it is a kid-safe environment, Colina Park Golf Course has strict no smoking and no alcohol policies which will be enforced (shoes and shirts are also mandatory).  Details on the schedule for play and greens fees are still being worked out and will be announced once they are finalized – please do not call the pro shop asking for these details!  We will be organizing a weekday work party in the upcoming weeks, so keep watching for that.

Tentative plans are to hold an Ice Bowl tournament late in February as a grand opening event.  Once again, please do not call the pro shop for more details – you will see them here first!


Aces Election Results Are In

December 29, 2014

The 2015 San Diego Aces Board election concluded on Sunday, December 21st after seven days of online voting (Dec. 13-19) and in-person voting at Sun Valley Golf Course (Dec. 20) and Kit Carson Park (Dec. 21). Forty-one members voted on line while twenty-eight voted in person. The top five vote-getters will meet to assign positions on the Executive Board and select course representatives. Complete results are listed below:

Mark Verrochi – 57 votes
Allen Risley – 54
Randy Wylot – 45
Jason Perdue – 37
Garrett Tapken – 32
Daniel Lichtman – 23
Tony Buck – 21
Donny Olow – 18
Scott Miller – 17
Shane Dehner – 17
Chad Nichter – 14

2015 Aces Election, New Membership Sign-ups and December Monthly

December 16, 2014

The 2015 San Diego Aces Election (electronic version) is currently happening.  E-mail invitations to the ballot were sent out on Saturday morning (12/13) to all Aces members who supplied an email address when they signed up.  If you haven’t received an email and think you should:  1) check your email trash can and spam folder, 2) if it isn’t there send an email to and we’ll get you squared away, or 3) come to one of the Aces events being held this weekend (described below).  Anyone who does not vote in the online portion of the election will be able to vote this weekend.

In conjunction with the election, the club is holding two events this weekend where the ballot box will

black bag tags

The elusive black tags…

be available.  These events will also be used to distribute the coveted “black tags” (numbers 1 thru 10).  On Saturday, come out to Sun Valley Golf Course for a bag tag challenge (teeing off starting at 8am) and to register for 2015 membership.  The ballot box will be available from 8am to 1pm.  Odd-numbered black tags will be in the mix.  On Sunday, show up for the December Aces Monthly at Kit Carson Park for a chance at the even-numbered black tags (8am players’ meeting, ballot box available until 1pm).

2015 memberships will be available at both events.  New for 2015 we have hats!  Sharp-looking black hats with the Aces logo can be part of your membership schwag.  We also have a new shipment of Aces-stamped Legacy Gauges for membership discs.

Disc Golf Returns to Goat Hill!

November 19, 2014

Sunday, November 23rd marks the return of disc golf to Goat Hill, newly re-branded as Goat Hill Park.  Join the San Diego Aces at Goat Hill Park for a full day of disc golf, with no ball golfers!  The course opens up at 6:30am for you early risers and closes as the sun sets.  At 12:30pm the Aces will be running the Frazier Farms Turkey Shoot Doubles – a 1-round, random A/B partner draw, best shot doubles mini-tournament.  Local grocer Frazier Farms (they’re down at the bottom of the hill on Oceanside Blvd) is donating Thanksgiving turkeys for the top three finishing teams (1 per team) in addition to the cash payout.  $5 entry fee, players must be signed up by noon.  Goat Hill Park will have beer and brats available for sale and SDSF will be on hand with distance drivers for sale (and other stuff too).

This is great news to most of us, but as usual, there are some who are grumbling.  Why no carts?  Why only on Sunday?  These are valid questions that have come up.  As someone who has worked extensively with the former management group at Goat Hill (Bellows Golf Management), the new management group led by John Ashworth and with the former management at Emerald Isle, I’m here to answer those questions:

  • Why no carts?  Unfortunately, all disc golfers are having to pay the price for the actions of a few knuckleheads.  The former management at Goat Hill had many experiences with disc golfers who drove the carts too aggressively, sometimes causing damage to the carts and the course.  The final straw last November was an incident where a disc golfer drove a cart across a golf green, leaving deep tire tracks on the green.  And this was after many accounts of people “playing bumper carts” and other stupid acts.  Goat Hill Park has just purchased a new fleet of carts and is being very protective of them.  Do I agree that disc golfers are the only ones who misuse carts?  No – I have often told the story of one of my first visits to Emerald Isle with my (then) young son, where I watched two drunk ball golfers crash their cart into a tree, which then caused it to roll, driverless, into a pond.  But I have to concede that disc golfers, many of whom haven’t played ball golf and are unfamiliar with cart etiquette, have probably caused more than their fair share of cart problems.  But this current “no cart” policy isn’t engraved in stone.  It can change.
  • Why only on Sunday?  Once again, past behavior of disc golfers at Goat Hill and Emerald Isle has given our sport a bad image with some ball golfers, many of whom like to complain to management.  One big complaint in the past, when disc golf and ball golf have been played in tandem, is that disc golfers cut in front of ball golfers – playing through without asking.  This is very rude behavior and I have seen it with my own eyes.  If disc golf and ball golf are going to be played simultaneously, all players need to recognize that playing through is not a “right”.  It is a courtesy that the front group can bestow upon the trailing group.

Now disc golfers have another chance.  We have a chance to wipe away bad events from the past and show a new management group how much we love the game of golf and how much we enjoy playing golf at Goat Hill…just with discs.  I have corresponded with new head honcho John Ashworth ever since his new group (Goat Hill Partners, Ltd.) was given the contract to run the course and have been very impressed with his outlook and approach towards the course.  He is a successful businessman with a long history in the golf world and he has local roots – he truly cares about having a community-based golf course, open to all.  We have met several times in person and talk on the phone regularly about how disc golf will move forward at the Goat.  He mentioned this morning that he was “interested to see what it looked like out on the course with just disc golfers”.  I told him it would not look much different from any other day – we really play the same game, just with different tools.

What happens next?  Well, we (disc golfers) have a lot to say about that.  And we say it by showing up to play and showing respect to the golf course…and to the people who are trying to improve it.  I think that once John and his colleagues have a chance to get to know we disc golfers – and not the knucklehead “chuckers” who cause problems – they will see the value in having us on the course every day.  And driving carts.

-Allen Risley