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No Glow at Brengle Terrace, Please!

February 11, 2016

I received an email this morning from Robert Anderson, Recreation Manager for the City of Vista, asking disc golfers to stop playing disc golf at Brengle Terrace Park at night. His message:

“Recently staff have been having issues at night with disc golfers staying and using glowing discs. Please help us inform the patrons that the course closes at dusk, for some reason when staff spoke to the users they were under the impression the course was open until midnight.”

As disc golfers, we all have the responsibility to use the facilities to which we have been granted access with care. Nearly all (if not all) of the city parks in San Diego County with disc golf baskets close at sundown, for the safety of park users and to provide peace and quiet for park neighbors. While “glow golf” is fun to play, it might not be a legal activity in some of these places. Please protect our daytime use of these parks by refraining from playing glow golf at night, when the parks are closed.

– Allen Risley
San Diego Aces

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