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7th Annual San Marcos Ace Race Coming Soon!

September 3, 2014

It’s that time of year – Ace Race time!  The San Marcos Ace Race will be held on Saturday, Sept. 27th at Montiel Park in San Marcos.  This is the seventh time that the Aces have held one of Discraft’s annual coming-out parties, and they are always a lot of fun.

Last year, 142 players gathered at Montiel Park to try out a new prototype fairway driver (afterwards named the “Mantis”), chasing after those elusive holes-in-one (“aces”). This year, we want 150!!! Or more!!!!!!!! The Ace Race is a unique disc golf event, where all players use the same disc model to try to score aces. No putting (whew!), just tee shots. You play 36 holes on a shortened layout, conducive to the goal of “the more aces, the merrier”! That means 4 times around a very special, very ace-able version of the Montiel course.

The format is very flexible: you make up your own groups to play with and can throw your 36 holes whenever you want on

2014 Ace Race Player's Pack

2014 Ace Race Player’s Pack

tourney day, as long as you’re done by 3:45pm (so we can add up scores and give out prizes). And scoring is unique!: all you count are aces and “metal hits” (hitting any part of the basket, on the fly, skipping or rolling). It’s a great way to play your first tournament (or 200th). Discraft sets the entry fee at $25. Every Ace Race around the country (world?) is supposed to charge the same amount. And what do you get for your $25? A lot! This year’s player pack includes: Two Z line prototype distance drivers, One premium Buzzz disc golf towel, One Discraft classic sandwich cap, One mini marker disc, One Ace Race flying skull bag tag, One flying skull sticker and a $10-off PDGA membership discount coupon.

The Grand Prize for the player with the most aces is a new golf bag filled with eight new Discraft golf discs and a SuperColor Buzzz trophy disc. ***Discraft has announced that any Ace Race that pre-registers 150 players will also receive a Chainstar basket for the grand prize!!!!

We run the Ace Race as a charity fundraiser, and in past years have donated proceeds to EDGE (Educational Disc Golf Experience), a group that promotes disc golf in K-12 schools. We raised over $800 last year and hope to surpass that this time around. Since the SD Aces started partnering with EDGE, we have secured EDGE disc and portable basket packages for the City of San Marcos Recreation Programs, Vista Magnet Middle School, Cardiff School and at Mission Middle School in Escondido. We may also donate a portion of the proceeds to the Daniel Boe Memorial Bridge project, dedicated to celebrating the life of one of our local disc golfers who passed away earlier this year.

Because this event is a fundraiser and not for profit, we ask all players to sign up at least two weeks in advance, so we can order your discs and schwag. Don’t expect to sign up on Ace Race Day! This year, as in past years, we plan to have some extra optional competitions. For $1, you can buy into the Ace Pot, which is paid out to all of the players who get aces. Buy more $1 shares to get a better payout. We’ll also have the ever-popular mini Ace Race!!!

More info available from Discraft’s Ace Race website


Sign up today at!


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