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The Invisible String – Coming to CSUSM!

August 28, 2014

OK, that last post was kind of negative…so here’s something positive! Campus Rec at Cal State San Marcos recently acquired the rights to show a fantastic movie about Frisbee: The Invisible String. The film, produced by Jan Bäss, Michael Osterhoff and Greg Marter from Berlin, Germany is a documentary that tells the story of the origin of the plastic flying disc, the development of various flying disc sports and the culture that has grown around these sports.

If you have ever thrown a flying disc, whether it be a golf disc, Ultimate, freestyle, DDC or dog disc you are sure to feel a tingling in your happy place as you watch the action in this film. And the interviews with the elders of disc sports are also compelling – hearing stories about how our favorite games got started and the fun and camaraderie that was shared by those who played. It almost makes me wish I was back in the 70’s again!

We don’t have a date scheduled yet for the screening, but as soon as a date is set it will be announced here. It will probably be held at the amphitheater outside of the new University Student Union (USU) at Cal State San Marcos. Cost? Probably free. But we may try to do a little fundraising with a raffle for putting discs in the hands of local schoolkids. And we hope to have a few special guests in attendance – people who figure prominently in the film…


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