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2013 North vs. South Challenge Info

September 16, 2013

The following rules have been established by the San Diego Aces Board of Directors. Any modifications to
these rules must be agreed upon by the San Diego Aces Board of Directors at least two months prior to the
first day of the event.  The Captains for 2013 are: North – Mark Verrochi ( and South – Daniel Lichtman (  Contact the Captains if you have questions that aren’t answered below.

Participant Requirements:

1. Each participant competing must be a current San Diego Aces member. The San Diego Aces member must be an Aces member when participating in the qualifier and for at least one month prior to the first day of the North vs. South Challenge.

2. Spots can be awarded to an Aces member for top finishes at a captain’s preselected qualifier and/or at the captain’s discretion.

a. The captain’s preselected qualifiers should be publicized on the San Diego Aces Facebook page and website to notify Aces members of the upcoming qualifier events.

b. There must be at least three preselected qualifiers for each side to allow Aces members
multiple opportunities to try out for a team.

c. A captain’s discretion team member selection is a last resort option and should be based
on tournament results, player rating, etc.

3. The entry fee for the event is $20 per person to reserve a spot.

a. $15 is for a shirt for the participant.

b. $5 goes to a post-event dinner for the winning team.

4. The following boundaries have been established to determine which team a player can qualify for:

a. Aces members competing for the north team are required to live in San Diego County north of Highway 52.
b. Aces members competing for the south team are required to live in San Diego County south of Highway 52.
c. Captains are required to verify addresses of all participants prior to the event.

Captain Criteria:

1. The captain for each team is required to be appointed by the San Diego Aces Board of Directors.

2. The captains are responsible for coordination and team selection.

3. The captains are permitted to compete with the team.

4. The “home” captain chooses the singles and doubles matchups from the list of players/teams put together by each captain.

Event Format:

1. Four rounds of Disc Golf will be played over the course of two days. Two of the rounds (one singles and one doubles) will occur in North County and in South County.

2. The schedule and format of the event is as follows:

Date                       Meeting Time     Location                             Match Play Format
Oct. 19, 2013        8:30 AM                Kit Carson Park                Singles
Oct. 19, 2013        1:15 PM                Goat Hill.       Best Shot Doubles
Oct. 20, 2013        8:30 AM                Morley Field                      Singles
Oct. 20, 2013        1:30 PM                Sun Valley                          Best Shot Doubles

Team Requirements:

1. Each team is required to be composed of the following players: Six (6) MPO, one (1) FPO, one (1) MPM, seven (7) MA1, one (1) MM1, and four (4) MA2.

2. Each team is required to have two (2) alternates.

3. Any player may qualify for a division above their respective division but not in a lower division.

4. Amateur women may try out for the following divisions: MA1, MA2, and/or FPO.

5. A player’s division should be determined by his/her PDGA player rating. If a player does not have a
rating, the captain’s should agree on a player’s division prior to the event.

Scoring System:

1. One point will be awarded for each match won by an individual or doubles pair.

2. One-half point will be awarded to each team for any match that ends in a tie.

3. One point will be awarded to the opposing team for each match forfeit.

4. In the event of a tie, the total number of holes won will be used to break the tie.

5. If there is still a tie, a CTP will occur with all participants to determine the winner.

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  1. Mark Verrochi permalink
    September 19, 2013 8:14 am

    Update: We will be playing at Goat Hill instead of Brengle Terrace due to Vista Day in the park.

    North Qualifiers this Saturday (9/21) and next Saturday (9/28) at KCP. Start time 9AM.

    South Qualifier this Sunday (9/22) at Morley. Contact Daniel Lichtman for details.

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