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San Marcos Ace Race Results

August 16, 2013

The Ace Race is always good for a few surprises.  This year, the biggest surprise was that the shipment of player packs only had 100 discs in it – half of the order that had been made and not enough for all of the 142 players who showed up.  Since the boxes were delivered the afternoon before the event there wasn’t much that could be done, aside from asking the players who assembled on Saturday morning for their patience and cooperation.

And guess what?  Nearly all of those in attendance had brought their patience and cooperation with them, and for that the Ace Race Team was very thankful.  The group found a way to share 90-something discs among 138-ish players and play began around 9am.  For those players who still need to receive player pack items or discs, they should be delivered soon and the Ace Race Team will be contacting you for distribution.

The 100 early-registered players received their remaining player pack items – two durable plastic pint glasses, a Titanium mini Magnet putter, a Discraft can coozie, two reusable scorecards and a Discraft sticker.  This author thinks the scorecards are the most useful items in the pack.  Some players made quick use of the pint glasses, drinking what looked like iced tea throughout the day.  The disc?  Well, it’s made of Titanium plastic so it looks pretty cool.  One of our local experts concluded that it flew a lot like an Innova Viking – fairway driver speed with a little glide and a hard fade at the end.

The disc must have been to many players’ liking, because we recorded the greatest number of aces and metal hits in the history of San Marcos Ace Races.  Scott Miller was the most accurate of the day, with one ace and three metal hits to take the first place prize of a golf bag full of Discraft discs (which he benevolently shared with his friends).

Once again, many thanks to all of you who helped us raise several hundred dollars for EDGE, and who helped the day go smoothly.

Final Results:

Scott Miller – 1 Ace/3 Metals

Drew Bogue – 1 Ace/2 Metals

Cole Reynolds – 1 Ace/2 Metals

Billy Brubaker – 1 Ace/2 Metals

Don Githens – 1 Ace/1 Metal

Ian Piper- 1 Ace/1 Metal

Mark Verrochi – 1 Ace/1 Metal

Rob Eames – 1 Ace/1 Metal

Steve Grubbs – 1 Ace/0 Metals

Martin Pierce – 3 Metals

Brandon Duncan – 3 Metals

Joe Goodman – 3 Metals

Chad Wilkinson – 2 Metals

Dave Lawrence – 2 Metals

Travis Benson – 2 Metals

Steve Buck – 2 Metals

Jim Lane – 2 Metals

Tanner Kurtz – 2 Metals

Blair McDonough – 2 Metals

Greg Davis – 2 Metals

Nathan Nunez – 2 Metals

Paul Morgavo – 2 Metals

Mike Ramos – 2 Metals

Scott Lee – 1 Metal

Sean Stevens – 1 Metal

Tyler Tremmeling – 1 Metal

Kade Stabenow – 1 Metal

Drew Zeller – 1 Metal

Joe Sanger – 1 Metal

Josh Bennet – 1 Metal

Donny Olow – 1 Metal

Ozzie Fausto – 1 Metal

Tyler Coney – 1 Metal

Clayton Young – 1 Metal

Tony Buck – 1 Metal

Colin Jones – 1 Metal

Brian Boyland – 1 Metal

Brandon Reed – 1 Metal

Mike Pearson – 1 Metal

Jim Richter – 1 Metal

Mike Allee – 1 Metal

Dennis Keane – 1 Metal

Grant Nunez – 1 Metal

Dan Shorkey – 1 Metal


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  1. Colin Jones permalink
    September 6, 2013 7:22 am

    I got 2 metal hits!

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