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The World Needs Your Pictures!

October 25, 2012

Where is this? Is your pic better?

Do you ever take pictures of the courses that you play?  I know you do – I see them on Facebook all the time.  How about sharing your pics with the rest of the disc golfing world, not just your “Friends”!  If you have pictures that you feel do a good job of displaying a hole on your local course, there are a few websites that can show those pictures to other disc golfers.  This can be a big help to a golfer who is traveling through and wants to figure out which course to play – I know I always appreciate it.  A few of these sites are:

  • DG Course Review – – DG Course Review has a ton of resources related to disc golf courses: a clickable map, course data and info, message board, reviews and PICTURES!  To add your pictures, find your local course in the directory, click on the “Media” tab, and find the little “Upload Photos” link in orange at the bottom of the Media tab.  You need to create an account to upload pics (and these accounts aren’t free).  The paid accounts give you access to all sorts of cool disc golf resources.
  • Disc Golf Scene – – This is more of a social media-type site, organized around a database of courses.  Each course has a page, where you can find info on who plays there, upcoming events, leagues, aces and course records and PICTURES.  These accounts are free and give you access to all of the features.  To upload pictures, find your course and you’ll see a “+Upload pictures of this course” link on the “Info” tab.

Check out these sites and start adding photos.  The whole (disc golf) world is waiting!!!!!!

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