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Busy Local Scene as the Year Winds Down

October 23, 2012

It’s mid-October and the first cool days of Fall have arrived.  Some casual players are packing away their golf discs until Spring, but seasoned players know that right now is when competition on the course is heating up.  There are quite a few competitive (and not so competitive) events coming up before the end of the year.  Here’s a list of what we know about:

  • Saturday, October is apparently “Glow Golf Day”.  Kinetic Disc Golf will be holding a 2-round event at Brengle Terrace Park – the first round is a “Legacy Ace Run” (similar to the Ace Race held at Montiel), while the second round will be a glow ace round, on a modified darkness-friendly BT layout.  The fun starts at 1:30.  If you’re down south you can head to Sun Valley for your glow golf fix.  MJ and crew are hosting a night golf event that starts at 5pm, with last tee time at 8:30pm.  For more info on these events, see the “Upcoming Events” listings on the right-hand sidebar of this screen.
  • Who’s the best disc golfer at Morley Field? Most years it has turned out to be Micah Dorius, but he always has to earn it at the Morley Field Course Championship tournament.  This year’s tournament is November 3/4, and consists of 3 rounds on a challenging Morley layout. Only three divisions: Open, Am, Women – no silly PDGA MA1, MA6, MPX, IPA, SAT, etc., etc.  The top three Open and top Masters-age finishers qualify for spots on Team San Diego for the Southwestern Team Tournament in December. Check out the flyer here.  No online signups – you gotta go to the pro shop.
  • The SoCal Disc Golf Association season is almost over.  The only events left on the schedule are the two weekends of the SoCal Championships, held this year at Kit Carson Park and Brengle Terrace Park.  Ams play Nov. 10/11, Pros play Nov. 17/18.  Innova Disc Golf always sponsors this event, which means the payout will be great.  There are a few San Diego Aces who are hoping that strong showings at the SoCal Championships can help them win the mini-basket trophies you get for a SoCal Series title – Max Nichols is still in the hunt in Men’s Open, Randy Wylot is near the top in Men’s Pro Grandmasters, and A.J. Risley currently leads in Men’s Advanced Am.  A few extra incentives to play these events: the San Diego Aces will have a team for the Southwestern Team Championship, and the SoCal Championships will be one way the team is selected; and these events will also be used to select the North team for the Aces’ North/South Challenge.  Flyers and links to online registration can be found on the right sidebar, or on the “Upcoming Events” page.
  • The first weekend in December means…the Southwestern Team Disc Golf Invitational at Morley Field.  This event (“Snapper’s Clambake”) has been going on for at least 25 years and is a very interesting team match play event.  Eight teams from all over the Southwest (Arizona, Huntington beach, Redwood Empire, Santa Cruz, Sylmar, San Diego, Oak Grove) bring their best players in the Open, Pro Masters, Pro Grandmasters, Pro Senior Grandmasters and Pro Women’s divisions.  Players play a round-robin match play tournament, with the top two teams holding a 19-hole final.  Many former (and maybe a current) World Champions will be on hand, so the play level is super-high.  Team San Diego is made up of players who have either dominated the Open division of the Morley Monthlies, finished at the top of the Morley Course Championship, played well in past team Tournaments or make it on through a series of match-play “grinders”.  This year, there will also be a “Team San Diego Aces” for local players who don’t quite make the Team S.D. cut.  Play well in the Morley Course Championship or SoCal Championships to get on that team.
  • Mid-December (dates TBA) brings the San Diego Aces’ North/South Challenge.  South Captain Dan Lichtman is undefeated – with his Southies winnng all of the annual matches so far.  The tide may be shifting, as there are more and more strong North players…or so hopes Team North Captain A.J. Risley.  Each team consists of 20 players: 5 Men’s Open, 1 Pro master, 2 Women and 12 Ams.  One day of play occurs in North County and one day in South County.  On each day one round is singles match play and one round is doubles match play.  The South courses are typically Morley Field and Sun Valley.  The North courses are up in the air – Kit Carson is a safe bet, but the other course could be Brengle Terrace, Goat Hill or even Montiel. If you want to be a part of this event – contact your local team captain (their info is on the “Contact Us” page).  The dividing line for North vs. South is Miramar Rd.
  • The end of December might be the right time for the return of the Goat Hill Monthly?
  • January and February are Ice Bowl season.  Expect to have Ice Bowls held at Montiel Park (Jan. 12), Olive Glen (Sycuan) and Mission Bay Golf Course (Feb. 24).

Additional events are bound to pop up.  Keep your eyes on the Aces’ web page and Facebook page for more info!

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  1. jtays permalink
    October 23, 2012 3:35 pm

    We need more to sign up for the Brengle Ace Race if it is going to happen. I think only 6 are signed up and a minimum of 30 is needed. The first round is the Ace round, then dinner and then the glow round is normal golf.

  2. October 23, 2012 3:34 pm

    Brengle Glow Round is normal golf, not ace race. The ace round is the ace race. It won’t happen though unless more people sign up. Only 6 are signed up right now. 30 minimum are needed for it to happen.

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