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Redlands Ice Bowl Wrap-up

– The 8th Annual Redlands Ice @ Ford Park was held this past Saturday (1/3/2015) and was a blast.  many thanks to TD Bill Maury-Holmes for writing up this article!

Last year we were warm. This year we were not. As we read the weather report of our fellow Ice Bowls for January 3, 2105, we realized that we were but a couple of degrees warmer than most of them. Huh? But, hey, no wimps, no whiners…

To ring in the SoCal disc golf New Year 34 good souls partook of the 8th Annual Redlands Ice Bowl at Ford Park, flinging plastic and raising money for Redlands Family Service Association. As always it was a birdie hunt with lots of good-natured ribbing spurring players to re-putt “for the children.”

The OVDGC club came out in force and in the end Oak Valley member Cory Marsteller combined precise play and liberal mulligan usage to keep the coveted Redlands Ice Bowl trophy in the Inland Empire and also claim his bag of oranges. Maintaining the established standard, Cory was able to run seventeen birdies and get the ace to boot. -18s abounded as five folks accomplished that but couldn’t hit the elusive ace.

In the “Metal o Nada” round Mark Verrochi aced #5 and took the game-within-a game, giving a satisfactory ending to his nearly perfect play for the morning.

Most significantly, we will be gratefully presenting Redlands Family Service Association with $502 and 8 cans of food for their important work. Thanks go to Norman Thompson and Samuel Maury-Holmes for helping a lot. Special thanks go to the City of Redlands, the Redlands Morning Kiwanis Club, Disc Golf Values, Disc Golf United and Innova Champion Disc Golf for their constant and generous support. First Saturday of January in 2016!

Bill and Joel Maury-Holmes
Co-Tournament Directors

8th Annual Redlands Ice Bowl at Ford Park: January 3, 2015
1.   Cory Marsteller -19 
T2.  Chris Horn -18
     Mark Horn -18
     Joe McGlinchy -18
     Allen Risley -18
     A. J. Risley -18
T7.  Tommy Cooper -17
     Joe Hewlett -17
     Brad Jones -17
     Mark Verrochi -17
11.  Eric Audet -16 
12.  Jim Cook -15
T13. Kendall Cordova -13
     Jason Courtis -13
     Joel Maury-Holmes -13
T16. Kevin Beath -12
     Troy Coffin -12
     Jacob Courtis -12
     Jerry Rodriguez -12
20.  Dylan Barnes -11
21.  Mark Estey -9
22.  George Loepke -8
23.  Dre Bailey -7
T24. Greg Hanlon -6
     John Reid -6
26.  Daniel Raya -5 
T27. John Anderson -4
     Evan Reid -4 
29.  Christian Anderson E
30.  Colby Estey +1
31.  Aiden Morris +2
32.  Susie Horn +3
33.  Cassie Cook +9
34.  Thomas Hamblin +11
“Metal o Nada” Results:
1. Mark Verrochi 3 points (ace)
- Kevin Beath (Hole #2, 167’)
- Cory Marsteller (Hole #3, 110’)
- Joel Maury-Holmes (Hole #5, 226’)
- Mark Verrochi (Hole #5, 226’)
- John Anderson (Hole #7, 156’)
High Temperature: 53 degrees; low at start time of 9:15am was 41 degrees and when I arrived at 7:20am it was 31 degrees. That’s cold by our standards!
Precipitation: Absolutely none whatsoever.
Resources donated to Redlands Family Service Association: $502; 8 cans of food
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