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2015 Golden Sombrero Standings

The original Golden Sombrero stamp - 2009

The original Golden Sombrero stamp – 2009

This is the 8th year that a motley collection of SoCal TDs has come together to hold a bunch of charity  fundraising disc golf events under the Ice Bowl banner.  The Golden Sombrero Series of Ice Bowls started out as the “Triple Crown of Ice Bowls” in 2008 with Redlands, San Marcos and Palm Desert participating and grew to a 4-event series in 2009 with the addition of Sun Valley.  This year the Golden Sombrero Series will have ten events in L.A., San Bernardino, Riverside and San Diego counties during the months of January and February.  All ten of the events are held under the umbrella of the Ice Bowl movement as charity fundraisers, with the focus on raising money for local food banks.

This year’s events are:

Each year a champion is crowned in the Golden Sombrero Series.  The 2014 series champion was San Diego’s Jason Perdue, who pulled out the win on the last weekend of the series with strong finishes at Wrightwood and Mission Bay.  At each event, each player is awarded one point for each player that they beat (beat, not beat or tie).  Each player’s top four point total events are counted towards their person point total.  After six events, the top ten points leaders are as follows:

Overall Standings (after 7 events) 
Name                      Points       Events
Bill Maury-Holmes          163           4
A. J. Risley               153           4
Mark Verrochi              125           3
Cory Marsteller            123           4
Francisco Martinez         116           2
Allen Risley               115           4
Eric Audet                 105           4
Jone Eide                  105           2
Michael Homan               91           2
Steven Rico                 78           1

You can see the full Golden Sombrero standings here.


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