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Disc Golf Day at Petco Park – July 4, 2022!

June 25, 2022

The Padres are teaming up with San Diego Aces Disc Golf Club and Innova Champion Discs for the 3rd Annual Disc Golf Day at Petco Park! Purchase your game tickets through the special link we’re sharing below and you’ll receive a limited-edition Padres themed disc and a ticket to the Mariners vs. Padres game. Click on this link.

Is it a baseball or a disc? You’ll have to get one to find out!

Now, the Padres are no dummies. They know that if they hand out the discs before the game some number of them will end up on the field during the game. [Sidebar: an old friend of mine used to do demo shows for Wham-O back in the day. He told me a story about doing a freestyle show at a Houston Astros game where everyone got a Wham-O Fastback (like a dog disc or Innova Sonic) before the game…the Frisbees were raining down on the field all game long…]. So don’t have so many beers that you forget to pick up your disc as you leave the game!

This is the 3rd time that the SD Aces have teamed up with the Padres for a disc golf-themed game. Somewhere down the line we hope that they’ll let us lay out a disc golf course through Petco like the Dodgers did a few years back and like we’ve seen done at Arrowhead Stadium in Kansas City, but…baby steps. Rather than group all of the seats together they Padres are allowing you to buy tickets anywhere in the stadium, which is cool. The first time they did this we were all out in Section 133 (think…outfield) which was far from the action, but cool to have all the disc golfers together. Funniest thing I remember from that game was all of the disc golfers yelling “OB!” every time someone hit a foul ball.

We’re working with the Padres to have some sort of disc golf “spin” put on the throwing out of the ceremonial first pitch. We have someone selected for this honor, but we’re going to keep it a secret until the whole thing is confirmed.

So…..GO PADRES!!!!!! And go play disc golf!

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