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It’s a New Disc Golf Year!!! 2022!!!

January 6, 2022

Guess what? We’re getting new bag tags for 2022! Little Flyer, the company that has been supplying bag tags for the Aces since 2009 has ceased operation. Long story that we’ll share another time. Unfortunately, it took a few weeks to get that answer from them and here we are.

The good news is that we have a new supplier and we’re going to have some great tags for 2022! We’re keeping the tradition of a distinctive 1 through 10 tag – these will be wooden, rectangular and will be black. Tags 11 through infinity will be round metal tags – they’ll look a lot like the mini disc tags we’ve been using for 10+ years. 11-25 will be white, then 26 will start a progression of colors, as we have been doing the past several years. These tags will also have a QR code that takes you to the Aces web page (This page).

Oh, and this web page? While it has been sorely out of date for the past handful of years, you can expect that to change. Someone on our board just retired and has committed himself…not to an asylum…but to promoting disc golf in all of it’s flavors here in San Diego County. So change is a-coming!

Once we have a delivery date for the bag tags we will announce dates for the 2022 bag tag opening challenge. As in past years, we’ll do one down south and one up north (comment below on where you’d like that to happen).

Additionally…get ready for the return of the “Aces Rotating Monthly Series”, where we hold a monthly tournament at a different course each month. That will start up in February. Right now it’s Ice Bowl season, so the Aces will be busy helping out with various Golden Sombrero Series Ice Bowls – starting with the Sweetwater Ranch Ice Bowl in Jamul on Sunday, January 16th.

Let’s play disc golf!

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