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2019 Starts With a Bang!

January 1, 2019

New Year’s Resolution #1 – post more on the San Diego Aces website.

So…here goes.  We’re one day into the new year and already have over 180 members signed up for 2019!  THANK YOU to everyone who came out to Kit Carson Park on New Year’s Eve and Colina Park Golf Course on New Year’s Day for our year-end/year-beginning bag tag challenges.  Over 100 players braved the rain at Kit Carson to battle for the first set of odd-numbered bag tags (the North gets the odd numbers by virtue of their win in the 2018 North vs. South Challenge) with over 70 showing up for a beautiful day’s round at Colina Park.  When we crunch the numbers and sort the spreadsheet, here are the winners of the coveted black tags to begin 2019:

  • #1 – Max Nichols – Shot 45 at KCP
  • #2 – Carlos Caballero – Shot 42 at Colina
  • #3 – Clint Calvin – 46 at KCP
  • #4 – Mike Westerman – 43 at Colina
  • #5 – Cris Johnson – 46 at KCP
  • #6 – Hunter Ramp – 45 at Colina
  • #7 – Johan Gehrisch – 47 at KCP
  • #8 – Allen Risley – 45 at Colina
  • #9 – Kyle O’Neill – 47 at KCP
  • #10 – Tracey “Noonin” Crowder – 45 at Colina

Ladies’ tags were also on the line. After the two rounds, here are the top ten Ladies’ tag holders:

  • #1 – Charlotte Towle – 62 at KCP
  • #2 – Alejandra Puga – 50 at Colina
  • #3 – Jenna Johnson – 63 at KCP
  • #4 – Hayley Dumont – 54 at Colina
  • #5 – Liz Silva – 65 at KCP
  • #6 – Shallon Lowry – 59 at Colina
  • #7 – Danielle Bell – 70 at KCP
  • #8 – Madison Ramirez – 59 at Colina
  • #9 – Jennifer Knox – 73 at KCP
  • #10 – Chandelle Butterfield – 64 at Colina

173 unique players played in the two events (some played in both). Full results are available here. Many thanks to the volunteers who helped out with the two events: Mikey Slager, Jerry Jones, Mike Lamb, Tracey Crowder, Christian Cullen, Randy Wylot, Maxine Duncan, Jeff Donatoni, Dave Weltsch and Allen Risley.

We also want to thank all of the people who signed up both days for their patience. We gave out tag numbers but weren’t able to pass out the tags…because the tags haven’t been delivered yet. Our vendor made a mistake with shipping and the tags are still on the road with UPS. As soon as the tags arrive our Aces Board members will be distributing tags at local events (Ice Bowls, doubles, etc), our local courses and various bars and watering holes. If you are owed a tag and have a preferred place for picking it up, send a PM to our SD Aces Facebook page to let us know.

We’re looking forward to great things for San Diego disc golf in 2019: a bigger and even better Daniel Boe Memorial tournament, A-tier status for The Challenge at Goat Hill Park, more Ice Bowls than ever, a new course in Chula Vista (and more in the works), another great year of Aces’ monthlies and countless other PDGA/SoCal tournaments, doubles leagues and putting leagues. Join us out on the course!

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