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Aces Monthlies are back!

May 21, 2018

The 2018 season of San Diego Aces “rotating monthly” disc golf tournaments has begun, with the first two events being held at Kit Carson Park (March) and Mast Park (April).  Future events for 2018 look like this (so far):

  • May – Goat Hill Park – Sunday, May 27 at 1pm (online registration on DGU)
  • June – Colina Park Golf Course – Sunday, June 17 at 10am (online registration on DGU)
  • July – Brengle Terrace Park – Sunday, July 22 at 9am
  • August – Sycuan Golf Resort (Olive Glen) – Sunday, August 19 at 10am
  • September – TBA (maybe Mission Bay?)
  • October – TBA
  • November – TBA

Our intent so far is to rotate the monthlies between different courses, alternating between North and South county locations.  This gives players a chance to sample a variety of courses across the county.

The Competition – This year we are tracking points for how players finish at the monthlies.  There will be prizes (we’re working on them) for the top finishers in each division.  Competition is within individual divisions, so if you want to compete for the title you are better off picking a division and staying there.  We will, however, be on the lookout for clear sand-bagging and will move players up if needed.  Points are handled much like the Golden Sombrero Series – you earn one point for every player you beat in your division at an event.  We will count the top 4 point totals for each player.  Going into the May monthly this weekend at Goat Hill, here are the standings, based on the march and April scores:


Carlos Cabellero leads the Open division by one point over George Spracklen.


Nin Chau leads in the Advanced division by one point over Clint Calvin, three points over Randy Wylot and Tracy Crowder.  It’s still anybody’s game – only one Advanced player played at both monthlies so far.


Competition is tight in intermediate – Alex Walczak leads by one point over Dino Arellano by benefit of playing in both events.  John Maki, William Lynch and Mike Lamb are closely chasing.


Mike Bloomfield leads by one over James Buzzard in the Recreational division.  No one in this division played both events held so far.  The overall season champion in Rec may be the guy who decides to travel a little.


Kim Cottrell leads the Ladies so far (no ladies showed up to play at Mast Park?!?).  Once again – she who travels may take home the hardware…

Your Aces’ Board Members are making a renewed effort to build up the rotating monthly series.  We hope to see you out at a future rotating monthly event!


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