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It’s Ice Bowl Season!

January 13, 2017

Every January and February disc golf courses around the country host a type of tournament called an Ice Bowl.  Ice Bowls are intended to be fun, low-key competition with a greater purpose: helping to feed our hungry neighbors.  Ice Bowl tournaments are required to raise funds for local charities that feed the hungry – in San Diego that usually means the San Diego Food Bank.

The Ice Bowl held at Colina Park Golf Course last weekend (1/8/2017) had 62 players and raised $1,010 for the food bank.  They will be able to pay for a whopping 4,040 meals from those funds!  One of the ways that funds are raised is by selling mulligans, basically a “do over”.  This means that a player can theoretically “buy a win”, but we need to remember the broader goal of the event (feeding the hungry).


2017 Colina Park Ice Bowl Participants – photo credit: Katie Risley

For the past ten years our Ice Bowls have been part of what is called the “Golden Sombrero Series” of Ice Bowls.  Golden Sombrero TDs band together to get discs with a Golden Sombrero custom stamp and players compete for an overall Golden Sombrero Series title.

San Diego is big on Ice Bowls so there are several more yet to come this season.  Here’s what’s coming up:

Sycuan Ice Bowl – Sunday, Jan. 15th

Brengle Terrace Ice Bowl – Saturday, Jan. 21st

Montiel Park – Sunday, Feb. 5th

Mast Park [tentative] – Sunday, Feb. 19th

Mission Bay Golf Course – Sunday (night), Feb. 26th


For more info on the Golden Sombrero Series and its individual events, check out the GS website.

For more info on Ice Bowls in general take a look at the Ice Bowl website.


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