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2015 Aces Election, New Membership Sign-ups and December Monthly

December 16, 2014

The 2015 San Diego Aces Election (electronic version) is currently happening.  E-mail invitations to the ballot were sent out on Saturday morning (12/13) to all Aces members who supplied an email address when they signed up.  If you haven’t received an email and think you should:  1) check your email trash can and spam folder, 2) if it isn’t there send an email to and we’ll get you squared away, or 3) come to one of the Aces events being held this weekend (described below).  Anyone who does not vote in the online portion of the election will be able to vote this weekend.

In conjunction with the election, the club is holding two events this weekend where the ballot box will

black bag tags

The elusive black tags…

be available.  These events will also be used to distribute the coveted “black tags” (numbers 1 thru 10).  On Saturday, come out to Sun Valley Golf Course for a bag tag challenge (teeing off starting at 8am) and to register for 2015 membership.  The ballot box will be available from 8am to 1pm.  Odd-numbered black tags will be in the mix.  On Sunday, show up for the December Aces Monthly at Kit Carson Park for a chance at the even-numbered black tags (8am players’ meeting, ballot box available until 1pm).

2015 memberships will be available at both events.  New for 2015 we have hats!  Sharp-looking black hats with the Aces logo can be part of your membership schwag.  We also have a new shipment of Aces-stamped Legacy Gauges for membership discs.

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