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Kit Carson Park DGC and CSUSM DGC closed because of fires

May 15, 2014

Kit Carson Park DGC has been closed for the next few days (hopefully not longer) as it is being used as a staging location for the firefighting efforts related to the Cocos (San Marcos) fire. Please do not get in the way of the firefighting efforts by trying to play disc golf!!!!

The campus of CSUSM is also being used for firefighting staging, plus it’s too darn close to the flames – so please do not try to play there as well.

Montiel Park in San Marcos has not been closed, but it’s awfully close to the firefighting traffic as well, so we recommend staying away until the Cocos fire is out!

Brengle Terrace Park, Morley Field, Sun Valley and Sycuan sound like much better alternatives! Please keep our disc golfing friends who live in the danger zone in your thoughts and prayers.

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