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2014 Bag Tags are in play!

December 2, 2013

2014 San Diego Aces’ memberships went on sale this past weekend, in conjunction with bag tag melees and voting held at Kit Carson Park (Saturday) and Morley Field (Sunday).  Discs available for registered members include Star Terns, Blizzard Wraiths and Champion Roc3s from Innova; Cannons and Patriots in various premium plastics from Legacy; Squalls and Breakers in Sparkle and Prostyle plastics from DGA.  The Aces have also unveiled new dri-fit shirts, available as part of a membership package.  Several bag tag competitors sported these shirts during the competition.

KCP Course Rep Tony Buck was given the honor of choosing which tags would be available on Saturday, and he blindly chose odd numbers.  Scott Miller (1), Greg Stanbro (3), Matt Howard (5), Garrett Tapken (7) and Josh Hesser (9) walked away with the first five black tags on Saturday.  Garrett and Josh stepped up and brought those tags back out for challenge on Sunday at Morley Field.  When the round was over, the 2014 black tags were held by:

  1. Scott Miller
  2. Carlo Pelg
  3. Greg Stanbro
  4. Brad Armstrong
  5. Matt Howard
  6. Richard H.
  7. Garrett Tapken
  8. Jeff Nichols
  9. Mike Westerman
  10. Mike Slonim

Honorable mention: Derek Dryer shot a -10 at Morley which would have given him a black tag, but he had chosen not to sign up for 2014 yet.  Many thanks to Mark Verrochi for organizing the bag tag challenges both days as well as the membership registration.

Both 2013 and 2014 tags are now in play until Dec. 31st.  Rmember…EVERY ROUND is a bag tag round!

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