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Who Plays Disc Golf?

May 28, 2013
Do you know these disc golfers?

Do you know these disc golfers?

Do you ever wonder how many people play disc golf on our local courses?  Some days, when you’re waiting in line behind two or three other groups to tee off, it seems like millions.  The number is more likely in the thousands or tens of thousands, but we really don’t know how many people play.  Those of us who have sat down to talk with city and county parks officials  are asked this question pretty much every time we talk to them about adding a new disc golf course on their park land.  My answer to them is much different today than it was when I installed my first disc golf course in Tallahassee, FL back in 1984. But the answer is still a guess.

So here’s a possible solution, one that we’re calling Who Plays Disc Golf?™ Day.  The San Diego Aces have chosen Saturday, June 15th as the day to count how many people play disc golf.  We plan to have volunteers on hand at each of the public disc golf courses in San Diego County, all day long, to meet and greet (and count) all of the people who play disc golf that day.  Volunteers will be stationed at a particular hole at each course to count the number of people who play that hole.  We’ll have information available about disc golf, our local courses, where to buy discs and our upcoming events.  We may also have some prizes to give out to those who pass through.  Players will also be asked to answer a few anonymous questions, and pose for a picture if they’d like.  We will take the information and photos we collect and post them on our web site (, so the public (and public officials) can see just how many people play this great game.

Of course, we could use some help.  That’s where you come in!  If you would like to volunteer a few hours to help out at one of our courses, please contact an Aces board member, or post a comment on this page or our Facebook page (or email  Volunteers will all get a custom-stamped disc with the Who Plays Disc Golf?™ logo, and we’re working on getting lunch (or breakfast, or dinner) donated for our volunteers.  Having information on how many people play disc golf will help us demonstrate to the power-brokers that we need more courses in San Diego County!

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