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Brengle Terrace is in Jeopardy!

July 5, 2012

Dear Aces Members,

Brengle Terrace is in jeopardy!

I am writing this note to all members of the San Diego Aces as what could be
the final appeal for help on the construction of the Brengle Terrace disc
golf course. We received a letter from the City of Vista telling us to
complete 16 of the holes by July 12 or they will terminate our agreement. A
quote from the letter: “If not, the City expects the existing tees and pins
to be removed from the park and the grounds returned to their condition
prior to the start of the course construction.”

The impact of this goes beyond Brengle Terrace. Potential for new courses
all over the county will be hurt if we don’t succeed. The Aces reputation
with government decision makers will be tarnished. On the other hand, if we
do succeed, we can point to this course as another example of how disc golf
can work in city parks.


Otherwise, read on.

In December the Aces entered into an agreement with the City of Vista to
install the course within six months. In good faith we signed the agreement
with the belief that, with several hundred avid disc golfers in our
organization, we’d have the man-power to have it open in 2-3 months. I even
remember worrying about too many people showing up and thinking “how are we
going to manage all those people?” Well, that problem has not come to pass
and now we are struggling to meet our commitments.

There is one weekend between now and July 12. The work is scheduled to
begin around 7:30 AM until we are exhausted or run out of daylight on each
of the following days.

Friday, July 6

Saturday, July 7

Sunday, July 8

Lunch will be provided on Saturday, and we are organizing prizes for a
raffle for those who work this weekend.

So please sacrifice a couple rounds of golf this weekend and come help us
get this course open. Once you see this place you will understand why such
effort has gone into it so far. It’ll be worth it.


Jeff Nichols, President
San Diego Aces Disc Golf Association

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  1. Mike Azarmi and Scott Downey permalink
    July 9, 2012 7:19 am

    We were able to go out for about 8 hours on Saturday and help shovel huge piles of mulch into trucks and spread around tees and pin locations, remove brush to open up some pin locations, pick up trash…etc. This place is awesome, this will be the best course in San Diego hands down. We wish we were able to help sooner, we only signed up for the Aces at the end of May . Hope the walk through with the City goes well on Tuesday, can’t wait for completion and to get out there and play….

    Thank you,

    Mike Azarmi

  2. Buckethead permalink
    July 8, 2012 11:01 am

    On my iPad, the widgets don’t show up. And ipad FB app search is terible. Weak, can’t believe you had such issues getting people there with over 300 people viewing your messages everyday. Looks like you got them moving now. Hope to be free soon to make it down there.

  3. Buckethead permalink
    July 8, 2012 1:10 am

    Maybe a little advice. Create a Facebook page for your club. It will keep everyone connected a lot better and will have people looking everyday at what you say. Just from SDSF reposting this on facebook there were instantly 6 people responding. FB is how people stay connected now adays. Plus people sharing it and reposting would spread your word across a lot larger audience. If there was a post every couple of days for the past 6 months about brengle there may have been a few more people. Since this is the first thing I heard about this, thanks to SDSF, I’ve missed months of helping out. I hope to make it for the last few days, but we will see how my schedule will be. So please make a club page and have it so club members can be friends and others, like me, can like your page and stay up to date on what’s new. Just some friendly advice.

    • sandiegoacesdgc permalink
      July 8, 2012 2:02 am

      Uhhhhhhhh….use the search tool in Facebook to search for “San Diego Aces Disc Golf Club”. We’ve had a Facebook page for a few years. If you look in the right-hand margin of this web page (if you’re viewing this on a computer) you’ll see our Facebook “Like” widget. We’re on Twitter, too: @sandiegoacesdgc.

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