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Brengle Terrace Disc Golf Course construction has begun!

March 12, 2012

Here is a picture taken over the weekend during work on the elevated tee of hole # 3. With only a few volunteers the construction crew did a superb job of clearing and leveling. A rock retaining wall was even built.

Imaging what can get done if YOU show up. There is a lot to accomplish.  Joining the crew for a few hours would be much appreciated.  Plus you’d have the pride of knowing that you were part of the team that made it happen.  As of today, very few people can say that.

Work will commence again at 7:00 am every Saturday and Sunday morning from now until May.  Get a few friends and put a few hours in.

Please help the Aces accomplish something for us all to enjoy. Contact John Heaton ( with when you can help and include your telephone number so we can contact you.

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