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Construction Affecting CSUSM DGC

February 3, 2012

If you haven’t stopped by Cal State San Marcos in the last few days, there’s something new. 

Inside the green fence line is O.B. Very O.B.

Green construction fencing has been installed through much of the upper campus area between the Library and Science Hall #2.  That’s holes 10, 11, 12 and 15 if you’re a disc golfer.  The fencing is in place for a new construction project that will be going on near the center of campus between now and August 2013, as the university builds a new student union.  An Aces representative was on hand Wednesday to walk the site with CSUSM’s Campus Recreation Director, Hugo Lecompte and staff from Planning, Design and Construction to see how the course would be affected.

Bottom line: we don’t expect to lose any holes during the construction project.  A few holes will be impacted though.  The tees for holes 10 and 11 will be shifted slightly as they would have been up against the fence.  Hole 12’s basket and tee will be moved which will result in a shorter hole for the time being.  Hole 15’s basket will also move under the large Sycamore trees.  One thing that was stressed was that discs that go over the fence into the construction site cannot be retrieved, for safety purposes.  We’re trying to work out a process for retrieving discs, although it’s possible we may gain some new players from the construction crew.   The willingness of the campus planning and design department to keep the course relatively intact is a positive sign – disc golf is welcome at CSUSM.

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