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Gigantic Bag Tag Melee!

January 30, 2012
Saturday’s participants

Seventy-five disc golfers met at Kit Carson Park this last Saturday with one goal in mind: to leave the course that day with one of the coveted San Diego Aces black bag tags.  The black color is reserved for tags 1 through 10 each year and competition is fierce for these tags.  This year, our bag tag supplier (Little Flyer) had run out of the black mini discs used to make the tags when we ordered 2012 bag tags back in November, which meant that when the first 2012 tags were distributed back in December, the top ten tags were not included.


Which brings us to Saturday.  With the ten black tags in hand, a bag tag melee was organized where players would surrender their current tags before going out to play one round, with the tags to be redistributed based on the results of that round.  Interest was so high that thirty-five players signed up to be 2012 S.D. Aces just before the round.  Many players showed up early to take part in a quick work party aimed at cleaning up trash from around the course.  Twelve of those players received prizes from a work-party-only raffle, including Innova discs, hats, towels and shirts.


The prizes...

Saturday morning was especially windy for Kit Carson, and the scores reflected it.  Even though some players are known to brag about shooting “double-digits-down” on a regular basis at KCP, the best score of the day was a 46 (8-under) carded by Pro Master player Mike Westerman.  Mike took home the #1 tag by shooting one stroke better than Luke Christiansen and Stephen Heaps, whose 47’s got them tags #2 and #3.  Justin Kirk and Chris Vilmorin earned tags #4 and #5 by shooting 48’s, and four players (Tom Vincent, Christian Cullen, Nick Newton and Pete Rudart) took tags #6 through #9 by tying at 49.  Tag #10 went to Chris Armacost, who tied with four other players at 50, but had started the day with a lower tag and hence got to leave with the lowest tag in the group.  Full results can be found here.

The winners!

These players’ names have been added to the top ten tag holder list on the Aces website and will remain there until new tag holders are reported.  You can report top ten tag triumphs by sending an e-mail to (he updates the website).  It is quite possible that some of these tags have already changed hands, because several of these players immediately defended their tags at Sunday’s Goat Hill Monthly (Westerman, Vincent, Rudart and Armacost).  That’s the spirit!

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