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Member Appreciation!

January 11, 2012

Sometimes people ask: “what do I get for my $20 when I join the Aces?”.  In the past, our answer has been that you get a cool disc, a numbered bagtag for competing with your friends, and the knowledge that you are suporting disc golf and the addition of new courses in San Diego County.  We’ve also held some free barbeques for members and stuff like that, but here’s something new.

By partnering with Innova Disc Golf for our 2011 membership discs, we became eligible to receive some schwag (prizes) from the folks in Rancho Cucamonga (to be fair, DGA gave us a few baskets in previous years, which we have raffled off or used at events).  So when we picked up the 2012 discs, there were a bunch of extra boxes of stuff…which begged the question…what do we do with it?  One solution came up at Monday’s board meeting: raffle off some of the items to last year’s members, since they are the ones who bought the discs that earned the schwag!  So here goes – here are five 2011 Aces members who were randomly selected to win prizes, and the prizes they have won:

Hans Degner – Innova Dri-Fit Polo Shirt – Size XL
Justin Martinez – 175g Champion TeeRex – mini Innova logo
Damian Whitney – Mini Discatcher Basket
Aaron Weeks – 2010 USDGC Video & Innova microfiber towel 
Cody Kirkland – Discatcher Pro Basket
Pretty nice, huh?  We’ll be contacting these members soon to let them know what they’ve won.  The prizes will be available for pickup at the upcoming bagtag melee, being held Saturday, January 28th at Kit Carson Park.  Oh yeah, and we’ll have 2012 tags 1 thru 10 available at that melee.  2012 is starting out great!
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  1. sandiegoacesdgc permalink
    March 7, 2012 2:21 pm

    Bruce – we appreciate your membership, especially considering you have moved so far away. The Aces Board agrees with your position that players should follow the tag rules, which include allowing all interested parties a shot at challenging for the tag.

    That being said, the only way to enforce the rules is for players to take on the enforcement responsibility. That includes formally naming names to the Board and Membership Director. The Board has formally reprimanded players in the past for refusing challenges. But we rely upon the good sense and sportsmanship of club members to keep people in line – we can’t be on-site bagtag police at every course all the time.

    We hope that the next time you’re back in the area you’ll meet up with players who represent the majority of us and put their tags up to challenges from all comers.

  2. Bruce S Weber PDGA 38365 permalink
    March 7, 2012 5:49 am

    I have been an SDA member since 2008, and have continued my membership even though I moved to Israel July 2010. I returned for a visit during the end of Feb, and recieved my tag (295) from Donny on Thursday, March 1st.
    While at Morley, Sunday March 4th, even though I was the second person waiting for a tag game to start, I was denied to particapate on this card. I had pointed this out to Donny Olow, naming a few on the card, and I believe he spoke to them, but this “problem” existed in 2009 and continued in 2010.
    If persons CAN NOT follow the rules of the league, ‘everyone in order of apperance who has a tag can challange on a card’, those who fail should be rejected out of the league. If you want to tell me “too bad” or “sorry”, I heard that in 2010, and it seems NOTHING has changed.

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