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2011 Ace Race is October 16th at Montiel Park

September 30, 2011

The only Ace Race tournament in San Diego County will be held Sunday, October 16th at Montiel Park in San Marcos.  What is an Ace Race?  It’s a tournament where all you do is throw tee shots, for 36 holes, trying to get holes-in-one (or aces).  Montiel park sets up well for an Ace Race, because most of the holes are pretty short, but to make it even more fun (more aces = more fun) the course will be set up with several shorter-than-usual tees.  Ace Races are generally more on the “fun” end of the spectrum than the “competitive” end, so even if you’re not usually a tournament player, this event is for you.  It also has a very loose schedule – show up whenever you want between 10am and 3:30 pm to play your 36 holes, and you can play with whomever you want.  No strict shotgun starts and random groups – you play it your way!

One of the things that draws lots of players to the Ace Race is the sweet players pack that they put together each year.  this time, for your $25 entry fee you receive 2 brand-new-design proto-type discs, a full-color Discraft mini-UltraStar and a “weekender” golf bag.  Yeah, that’s right, a bag! This year’s disc is a putter, and it’s a bit of a change.  It’s a wider-diameter putter – 22.06 centimeters where most putters are 21 c.  This should give it a little more float or glide than most putters, but also allow it to be heavier – as much as 183 grams!  Here’s what the folks at Discraft have to say about this year’s Ace Race disc:

This year’s proto is unique and sweet, and we think you’re going to love it! It’s the widest diameter putt and approach model Discraft has ever offered, so it can legally weigh in at a hefty 183 grams (subject to PDGA approval)… that’s at least a full seven grams more than other putters! The disc is obedient to its master and goes where you throw it, delivering directional precision and soft, flat landings. The rim is beadless and feels great in your hand. Think of it as a shorter, slower Comet that is hungry for chains.

First prize goes to the player who hits the most aces, with the tiebreaker being the number of “metal hits” off the tee.  And it’s a good prize – a large Discraft golf bag filled with a mix of brand-new Discraft discs.  And there will be other side events as well:

  • A cash ace pot where you can buy more than one share in the prize pot.
  • A mini-Ace Race using mini baskets and the official Ace Race mini.
  • A putting contest, with the prize being a pair of Keen disc golf shoes.
  • Doubles, bag tag challenges and North Team tryouts as time allows.

The Ace Race is run each year as a fundraising event for the San Diego Aces.  Because of this, we ask players to sign up in advance so we have the money to purchase the right number of player packs.  On-line registration is available at, or you can print out this flyer and send it in with you entry fee.  Don’t expect to show up on the 16th with cash – we may not have enough discs for late-comers! 

Our fundraising this year is going towards purchasing an EDGE disc and basket package for the Escondido School Disctrict.  Several current and former Escondido teachers have contacted the Aces asking for help getting disc golf into the local schools.  Help us grow the sport in this area and have fun at the same time – join in the race for aces!

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