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At the Halfway Mark – San Diego Aces Points Race 2010

July 1, 2010
We are at the halfway mark of the year and just like the weather, the San Diego Aces points series race is heating up!  It is a very close race in all of the divisions.  And with at least two “double-point” events (Sun Valley Open & Morley Course Championship) still to play this year, anyone can make a run for their division’s title.

In the Open division, Carlo Pelg (64 points), with the help of the “double-point” events (EIEIO and Kit Carson Grand Opening) holds an 11 point lead over Mike Lust (53) and a 13 point lead over Jeff Nichols (51 points).  Lust and Nichols have kept it somewhat close by scoring points in the Morley Monthlies.  Last year’s winner, Micah Dorius is still within striking distance with 40 points, while Grandmasters Greg Olsen and Randy Wylot are still in the hunt, each with 36 points.

The Advanced division leader, Aaron Van Matre (241 points), has a commanding 82 point lead over second place Alex Nichols (159).  Van Matre is also benefiting from having played in all of the double point” events (EIEIO, Kit Carson Grand Opening, Morley Spring Fling) and many Morley Monthlies, but he has also played extremely well, winning by four strokes at Kit Carson and coming in second by one at the Morley Spring Fling.   But, any of those double-point events can erase that big lead.  Ben Farris (150) holds onto third place while Miker Ramos parlays two strong Advanced Masters finishes (1st at Kit Casron, 2nd at Morley Spring Fling) into a fourth place spot.  Round up the usual suspects…Tracy Crowder (142), Daniel “Big D” Lichtman (136), Jason Rime (135), Adazm Nash (120), Willie Lister (118) and Davey “Bear” Butcher (117) fill out the rest of the top ten for Advanced.

The closest race for the title is in the Intermediate division, the division where the most tournaments are played.  Only a single point separates the leader in this group from second place. John “Shooter” Arce (62 points) holds that slight advantage over Josh Hesser (61).  Interestingly, few of the Intermediate players have consistently entered the big PDGA-sanctioned events.  If you’re within a sniff of the lead in Intermediate, play all the events and you could take the title!

Last but not least, in the Women’s division Emily Hardy (42 points) has a 12 point lead over Allison Wylot (30 points), on the strength of her win at the EIEIO Finale.

You can check out the rest of the points standings by clicking here, SD Aces Points Series.  That is it for the six month recap.  The next events to earn points at will be the July monthly at Morley on July 10th, and  the Sun Valley Open August 28th & 29th…SVO signups now available online at  Remember, there are many tournaments still to play this year…so get out there and good luck!

contributed by Aaron Van Matre with Allen Risley
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