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SD Aces Board of Directors Nominees

December 1, 2009

As we end the 2009 San Diego Aces calendar year, it is time to elect the Board Of Directors for the 2010 year. A list of nominees with a brief bio is provided below. Please take the time to read through them to familiarize yourself with each candidate and their backround. There will be an on-line vote for all current Aces members. For those who do not have access to the internet, you will be able to vote Dec.19 and Dec. 20 during the North and South Team Challenge {place and time to be announced}.


Allen Risley

Hello fellow San Diego Aces, my name is Allen Risley and I am running for re-election to the San Diego Aces Board, where I would like to continue as Course Representative for Montiel Park.

I have been playing disc golf for over 30 years and have been a PDGA member for 30 years (PDGA #1752).  During that time I have seen many changes and recently, much growth in our sport and therefore have a lot of experiences to draw from.  Back in the 1980’s I ran tournaments and designed courses in Tallahassee, Florida, and self-published the first PDGA Course Directory, but I stopped playing for several years to raise a family.  I have lived in North County since 1994 and have served on the City of San Marcos Community Services Commission (Parks and Rec Board) for the past eight years.  I returned to playing disc golf a few years ago when my son showed an interest in the game and I was re-bitten by the bug.

Over the past three years I have spearheaded the development of disc golf courses at Montiel Park in San Marcos, Sunset Park in San Marcos (opening March 2010) and Cal State San Marcos (opening early 2010) and have served as the Course Representative for Montiel Park.  I have also served as Tournament Director for three PDGA-sanctioned events (2 Montiel Ice Bowls, 2009 EIEIO), two Ace Races and several other charity fundraising tournaments.  I work hard at promoting our sport, hold strong opinions about what is best for the game and prefer to put up rather than shut up.  Above all, I love playing disc golf and enjoy seeing more people play this great game.  I hope you’ll return me to the Aces Board so I can continue to serve.  Thanks!

Patrick Paramore

A big fan of disc golf with the goal to build more courses in San Diego and have members actively involved in the growing success of disc golf.  I enjoy playing in Socal, PDGA, and local San Diego events.  You can find me volunteering at events I play at to make these events a success.  I have a true passion to always give everything my best and I look forward to making a huge contribution to the San Diego Aces and its members.

Daniel Lichtman“big-d”/

Steven Thomas

Hi. My name is Steven and I represent the Emerald Isle Golf Course. I was born and raised in North County and have been playing the game of disc golf for over 10 years and have been playing competitively in the last 2. Disc Golf is my main hobby and I will do whatever I can to promote it and help in the expansion of new courses in San Diego County .

Donny Olow

Aaron Van Matre

I am running for another term as course representative for the Sun Valley disc golf course. I have volunteered at Sun Valley for the past two years moving baskets, setting up event layouts, and lobbying for course improvements. I feel this course holds great potential for a “regular” monthly event, even if it is only bagtag melees. Please consider me for a board member position for the San Diego Aces, I appreciate your vote. Thank you.

Michelle Chambless

I am currently a Controller for a large landscaping company and have an Associates in Accounting. I will be beginning school at the University of Phoenix to get my Bachelors in Accounting in the beginning of 2010. I have been in administrative and financial roles for over 10 years and really enjoy what I do. I would love the opportunity to be the Treasurer for the Aces because I want to help support my local disc golf club. Thank you.

Carl Renda

As your aces secretary for the past 2 years running, I have worked passionatly to improve the game of disc golf in San Diego. I have been a part of many different endavors to make this game better as a board member of the Aces, and as a result of some of these efforts we’ve seen a greater frequency of courses to play and events to play at our courses. That being said, I want your vote because of the work that is to come. If re-elected, I will continue my work to see more courses in San Diego and more events for San Diegans to play. There is a lot of work to be done in the course development department and I intend to be a big part of it. I also plan on running a sanctioned club/city championship on an annual basis starting next year on the new courses that we will have installed. I will always be passionate about disc golf and it’s continued progression, and I would appreciate your vote so that we can continue the rapid growth and progression that disc golf in San Diego has seen since the Aces have been around.

Jeff Nichols

As the incumbent Aces president, I have volunteered much my time in attempting to meet club goals, and would like the opportunity to serve another year as a club director.  I have served the Aces in the positions of Secretary, Treasurer and President and have been one of its directors since its formation in 2007.

The Aces were formed with the primary goal of getting new courses in the ground.  Next year will be the best year San Diego has ever seen for new course development.  We all will reap the rewards from the groundwork that was laid in 2009 in the form of three new 18-hole courses being installed in 2010.  I look forward to being a part of seeing our hard work come to fruition.

As an organization, I think we can improve in the areas of membership involvement and communication.  In 2010 I would like to set as a high priority goal to get more Aces involved in our events and projects.  This will be an essential part of getting the new courses installed as well as running successful events at them.  The web site remodeling in 2009 should also pay off in improved membership communications.  Our blog-based web site now makes it quite easy to post information about upcoming events and club news.   I think we can continue to improve communications through the use of the Aces web site.

Lastly, I’d like to thank the Aces for their support in 2009.  I was quite impressed that when we needed a new Treasurer, several qualified people stepped up and volunteered for the job. This speaks well for the quality of our members and makes me want to volunteer for the club another year.  Together we can continue to grow our club, our enthusiasm, and our ability to promote this great sport.

Randy Wylot

My name is Randy Wylot and I am running for a position on the San Diego Aces Board Of Directors. I have been involved with the club since it began, as a member, volenteer, and Board Of Director. For the past two years I have been the clubs Vice President. As a club event, I have been the Tournament Director for the San Diego Ice Bowl at Sun Valley. I also have been teaching disc golf at the local elementry schools to help promote the sport of disc golf and to help offset the lack of State funds for the Physical Education classes.

I have been involved in the disc sports world since 1982, competing in Freestyle and Overall events on a local and nation level. As a board member I hope to promote more courses in the San Diego County area, as well as run events for club members.

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