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Ace Race Held at Montiel Park

October 28, 2009

Montiel Park in San Marcos, CA was the site of the 2nd Annual Montiel Ace Race on Saturday, October 17th.  40 players registered to take ace runs on a shortened version of the Montiel Park Disc Golf Course.  Each year Discraft Discs sponsors Ace Race tournaments all across the U.S., as a way to promote fun and launch a new disc.  Players paid $25 to receive two new prototype Discraft Discs, a Discraft logo hat and a gummy Full-color UltraStar mini.  Players are required to use the official Ace Race disc and play 36 holes throwing only tee shots, and only counting aces or metal hits.  This year’s tournament, sponsored by the San Diego Aces Disc Golf Club, raised $300 towards the development of the upcoming new disc golf course at Cal State San Marcos.

When the dust had settled (and if you’ve played Montiel this time of year you know there is lots of dust…), Mike Allee of San Marcos had taken 1st place in the tournament by being the only player to record an ace.  Mike lives about 300 ft. from the course, so he knows the baskets well, but most of the holes had modified tees, so his local’s advantage was a bit diminished.  This was Mike’s first ace ever, and came on his final hole of the tournament.  His last minute luck…er, skill…secured the first place prize: a new disc golf bag filled with ten new Discraft golf discs!  Mike also pocketed the $66 collected in the Ace Pot for the day.  Results below:

Player Aces Metal Hits
Mike Allee 1 1
Ben Rutherford 0 5
T.C. 0 3
John Bailey 0 2
Cory Marsteller 0 2
Tanner Kurtz 0 2
Brandon Langston 0 1
Ranny Rajsky 0 1
Scott Bowers 0 1
Andrew Mills 0 1
J.D. Bailey 0 1
A.J. Risley 0 1
Pat Rowlen 0 1
Mike Pearson 0 1

Up until Mike Allee’s last-hole ace there were quite a few players jockeying for the win based on their number of metal hits.  Ben Rutherford probably walked away the most frustrated, as he hit metal five times without getting an ace.  And Ben’s metal hits weren’t all cheapees – one hit chains, one hit the yellow band and another clanged off the top-front of the basket.  You can see the chain-ringer in the video below which was shot and produced by A.J. Risley.

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