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Aces BBQ After Morley Field Monthly

September 15, 2009

We are having another Barbeque at the Monthly on Saturday, September 19, at Morley Field. Only this time we hope to have the Barbeque there available for food sales inbetween rounds as well as after the tourney. This month’s field is Intermediate, Novice and Women.

The San Diego Aces are having these Barbeques and other fundraising events because we have been rather busy lately as far as putting baskets into the ground. The more support we get at these Barbeques, becomes more money that we can donate to course development so that there are more places in San Diego to play. As of now, there are only 2 permanent 18 hole courses in the county, but by the end of next year, there should be at least 4.

So come and show your support for the San Diego Aces, even if you aren’t playing the monthly, by buying some lunch and participate in the mini-games that we will set up. We will do a 21 putting challenge, and also a CTP challenge, just like we always do. There will be San Diego Aces memberships for sale ($20 gets you a disc, a bag tag and your club membership), along with the surplus CFR Gators and Starfire-L’s (SL) that will be sold for $15 a piece.

So we’ll see you all there on Saturday. Remember, the money you spend at these barbeques will give you chains to bang in the future, so do what you can to help!

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