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More Disc Golf Courses In 2010?

July 28, 2009

disc-golf-basket1At last count we were at four courses in San Diego, a couple of temp layouts but nothing else with baskets in the ground. Hard work by certain individuals make it seem possible for that number to grow to as much as seven by the summer of 2010, with two of the three courses being 18 hole possibilities.

San Diego Aces member Ryan Meyer of Escondido, has spent the better part of 2 ½ years on this project and has recently made some headway as he expects to receive a grant from the Escondido Rotary Club that should be sizeable enough to at least get the baskets in the ground in the near future. They are expected to receive naming rights for the course in return.  Ryan will be looking to the San Diego Aces for support to get additional funding and volunteer work. It is believed hole sponsorships will be required and he will need help with maintenance after the baskets are installed.  The course is slated to be open in less than a year!!!

Most of us are familiar with Montiel Park course representative Allen Risley, one of Team Rizbee and upside down turbo putting fame. What most are not aware of is that the man has a passion for the installation of disc golf courses and has worked tirelessly to get courses put into the ground. He has already made the course at Montiel Park possible, but is currently in the works for two more courses. He has already handled the design and is in the beginning steps of 3699739685_05efc8821ainstallation for a 6 hole beginners course at Sunset Park in San Marcos. Teepads and basket sleeves are already in place, and it will be open in the near future. He is also working on an 18 hole course at Cal State University San Marcos, and has already designed the layout for the course. Monica Watkins, head fundraiser for the project, believes she needs $16,000 for the full installation of the course, and has already raised half of that figure. She hopes to have the money raised by Oct. 5. When she went to the Aces board meeting to see what we could do to help, board members didn’t hesitate to shell out a donation. The main goal of the San Diego Aces is to provide more courses and tournaments for its members to be able to play, and we set an Aces record for expenditures with the $2500 that we donated to help the cause.

We’ll let you know in the near future what’s going on with course development in San Diego County, stay posted. Until then, we ask you as always to let us get the baskets in the ground before you try to play it, and we’ll keep you informed of what you can do to help us get these courses in the ground.

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