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Club Membership Director – Mark Verrochi

Mark T. Verrochi

PDGA #: 41379

Advanced Men’s Division (for now)

Sponsored by DGA (Disc Golf Association)

Began Playing Disc Sports:

I played Ultimate competitively in college for three years (2002-2005). During that time I was introduced to Disc Golf. I started playing regularly in competitions in the spring of 2009. Along the way I learned other disc sports including Box, Double Disc Court, and most recently, Kan Jam.

First Discs:

I started playing with three discs: a Reaper, Champion Valkyrie, and 3X JK Pro Aviar-X. I still have in my possession the Valkyrie and the 3X JK. The Reaper was destroyed upon impact with a tree many years ago.

Favorite Discs:

All time favorite disc is a 4X JK Pro Aviar-X.

Favorite disc company is Disc Golf Association.

Favorite Drivers:

DGA Proline Tsunamis

DGA SP Rogues

Favorite Midranges:

DGA SP Squall

Innova DX Shark

Innova DX XD

Favorite Putters:

Innova 4X JK Pro Aviar-X


Vibram Summit

Favorite Pro Players:

Jay and Des Reading – Such a cool pair to hang with. Jay is a putting machine!!!

Bag Accessories:

– Innova Standard Bag

– DGA Gel Strapz

– Two golf balls (to knock down discs stuck in trees)

– DGA Towel

– Innova Towel

– DGA Pencils

– Vibram mini

– DGA mini

– Various bag tags


Discs in My Bag:

– Three (3) Team DGA SP Reefs

– One (1) Innova 4X JK Pro Aviar-X

– Six (6) DGA Proline Tsunamis (some more beat than others)

– Two (2) DGA Proline Rogues

– Two (2) DGA SP Rogues

– One (1) DGA SP Squall

Favorite Disc Golf Websites:

Tips for Newer Players:

1. Remember to always have fun.

2. Start with a mid-range or multi-purpose disc and learn proper form. Distance comes after learning technique. A mid range will give you good distance on your drives and still allow you to putt with the same disc.

3. When learning to putt, start from as close to the basket as possible (no joke). The goal is to develop a comfort circle in which you will never miss!

4. Learn to “push” or “pop” putt so your discs won’t travel far past the basket if you miss.

5. Reduce your motions when you throw (less is more), including steps when learning.

6. The fastest part of your throwing motion should be at the very end.

7. Learn what your discs do. Go to a football field and just unleash to see how your discs fly. Try throwing them different ways and at different angles out of your hand.

8. Learn at least two of the following methods of throwing (backhand, forehand, roller, overhand, thumber, etc.).

9. Practice. Disc golf basics are easy to learn but take years to master.

10. Play catch with a putter or mid-range and a friend. You learn distance, accuracy, and you get instant results.

11. Come to one of my clinics to learn all about proper form and technique. You will not be disappointed.

Learning to play disc golf?

Contact me for running clinics for your church group, scout group, business outing, an organization activity, or just with a bunch of friends. I love the sport and enjoy sharing it with everyone.

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  1. Kyle Barnette permalink
    February 17, 2016 10:49 am

    I plan on visiting soon and if you could suggest a contact to help me get acquainted would be nice. Im 53 and been throwing dics since i was a kid.

  2. Kyle Barnette permalink
    February 17, 2016 10:44 am

    its funny,,, I play with 3 discs.,,, long range sidearm…. long range backhand….mid range putter

  3. Kyle Barnette permalink
    February 17, 2016 10:40 am

    hello Mark, Im Kyle from Miami. Im moving to SD soon. Want to help promote the sport and meet people. Any advice on jobs in carpentry museums or zoos ?

  4. Dennis Kondor permalink
    May 30, 2011 1:35 pm

    What are the distances for holes 13, 14 & 16 (in the orange grove). Basket locations and tee mats have been moved since the original course was developed, but the signs have not been updated. Do you have the info?

    • sandiegoacesdgc permalink
      June 14, 2011 1:23 pm

      Hi Dennis,

      Sorry for the delay. Here’s the info:

      Hole 13 = 320 ft.
      Hole 14 = 355 ft.
      Hole 16 = 265 ft.

      I saw the new signs for these holes last night at the Aces board meeting. Hopefully they will get installed soon.

      Allen Risley
      PDGA #1752
      Aces Course Rep. – Montiel Park, Sunset Park, CSUSM

  5. Giovanni . permalink
    March 13, 2011 9:14 pm

    i want to interview you for the my school newspaper. i was wondering if i could meet up with you at Kit Karson Park in the evening Monday feel free to give me a call Mark. (760)8070804 again my name is giovanni nieto. i threw a round with you and my buddy on new years eve. hope you reply soon

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