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San Diego Disc Golf Loses a Gentle Giant

March 1, 2014

Our local disc golf community lost one of it’s most-liked young disc golfers this week. Daniel Boe, an up-and-coming MA1 player, was killed early Friday morning in a single-car accident on Interstate 8. Daniel was on his way back home after competing in the Memorial disc golf tournament in Scottsdale, AZ. Daniel was alone in his SUV when he lost control and crashed.

Daniel was a fixture at North County disc golf events, calling Kit Carson Park as his disc golf home. His strong play on the course coupled with his affable personality made Daniel a universally-admired player on the local disc golf scene. Daniel was a powerful thrower, but the best shot in his arsenal was probably his Yeti Aviar putter, which he would use to sink puts from all distances. His strong play earned him a spot on SDSF’s sponsored team, and he closed out the 2013 season with a second-place finish at the SoCal Amateur Disc Golf Championships.

Details on memorial services for Daniel were not known at the time of this writing. As more information becomes available it will be posted on the Aces web page and Facebook page. In the meantime we will all keep Daniel, his family and loved ones in our thoughts and prayers.

Coverage from the San Diego Union-Tribune can be found here:

Golden Sombrero Ice Bowl Series Wraps Up This Weekend

February 21, 2014

The 2014 Golden Sombrero of Ice Bowls has will be the biggesttournament logo in the series’ history.  Begun as the “Triple Crown of Ice Bowls” (Redlands, Palm Desert, San Marcos) in 2008 by Bill Maury-Holmes and Allen Risley, the series has evolved into nine charity events crammed into the first two months of the year.  The series changed its name one year later with the addition of a fourth event (Sun Valley/San Diego) to the Golden Sombrero Series and has kept that moniker ever since.

Each year the series has crowned a champion, who is awarded a golden, decorated sombrero at the series-closing event.  In the early years the champion was the player who beat the most other players at all of the events combined.  As the series grew it was decided to put a cap on the number of events included in a player’s points total, and that cap has been set at four events.  Players receive a point for each other player in an event who they beat (no points for players tied).  Since many of the Ice Bowl events allow for the use of mulligans ($1 each), some have argued that it’s possible to buy a series win.  With the addition of the Ice Bowl in Paradise in 2011 and inclusion of the San Marcos Super Ice Bowl – neither of which included mulligan use – that claim is harder to defend.

2010GS Winners

2010 Golden Sombrero top finishers: 1st – A.J. Risley, 2nd – Patrick Paramore

This year’s series has had a record number of players so far, with 318 participating in the first seven events, thanks to big turnouts at Chavez (83), Yucaipa (64) and Murrieta (64).  This year’s series championship is still up for grabs going into the final two events this weekend – the Wrightwood Ice Bowl and the San Diego Ice Bowl @ Mission Bay.  The current top 5 players are listed below with their point totals (and number of events played in parentheses):

  1. A.J. Risley – 214 points (5 events played)
  2. Danny Zwolenski – 176 (6)
  3. Chris Horn 173 (3)
  4. Allen Risley 152 (5)
  5. (tie) Bill Maury-Holmes 148 (3), Jason Perdue 148 (3)

Four-time defending champion A.J. Risley is currently in the lead with 214 points.  Since neither A.J. nor 2009 champ Allen Risley are playing in Ice Bowls this weekend, their scores will not change.  But other players still have a shot:

  • Danny Zwolenski can catch A.J. if he can beat 72 players in one of the events and none of the other top players pass him.
  • Likewise for Chris Horn, who needs to beat 42 players at Wrightwood to pass A.J. (Chris needs to hope for more walk-up entrants on Saturday, current registration is 37).
  • Bill Maury-Holmes needs to beat at least 67 players at Wrightwood, which is not likely to happen (sorry Bill).
  • Jason Perdue won the Ice Bowls at Sycuan and San Marcos, but he needs to beat 67 players at either Wrightwood or Mission Bay to pass A.J.  He is unlikely to have enough players in the field at Wrightwood, but the Mission Bay field is 94 players, which gives him a strong chance.

So don’t expect to know the outcome of the Golden Sombrero championship race until late in the evening on Sunday (Mission Bay is played under the lights).  But we already know the big winners from this year’s Golden Sombrero Series of Ice Bowls – the local charities that will be receiving cash and canned food donated by our players!

Aces to Begin Holding Rotating Monthlies

January 24, 2014

The Aces Board has put together a committee to organize monthly tournaments at various locations around San Diego County. The first monthly will be held at Sycuan Golf & Tennis Resort on Sunday, February 16th at 9:00 AM.

The cost to participate each month will be $15 (pros), $10 (advanced), and $5 (intermediate) plus cost of play band (where applicable). 36 holes will be played, with a 20 minute break from when the last card is turned in from the first round to the start of the second round. The top 30% of each field will be paid out. If you are not an Aces Member, the cost will be an additional $2 to play. Events will occur on the third Sunday of each month. Check the Aces website soon for the schedule of where the events will be each month.  The current plan is to rotate each month between Sycuan, Kit Carson, Sun Valley, and Brengle Terrace, but there may be adjustments due to course availability.

Blast From the Past Disc Golf Videos!

January 9, 2014

Ever hear the 50+ year old disc golfers talk about the “old days”?  About how baskets were smaller, discs were bigger, shorts were shorter and porn-star mustaches were everywhere? Well, fresh from the video vault of Snapper Pierson come some videos of disc golf at Morley Field from back in the ’80’s.  So far there are a handful of videos from the Southwestern Team Tournaments of the late 80’s available on YouTube, posted under the account “Morley Field”.  They are rather long, 1-2 hours at least, raw footage, so there are a few shots of the ground or the sky when the cameraman forgot to turn off the camera, and there is very little narration.

These videos are a great piece of disc golf history and we thank Snapper for having them converted and posted for the world to see.  It’s very interesting to see which holes have remained nearly unchanged for 25-30 years and to try to recognize some of our now-Master/Grandmaster/Senior Grandmaster/Legend players back when their hair wasn’t gray (or it existed), they didn’t have pot bellies and they didn’t creak and groan when they threw.  A couple of things to note:

  • Attire: Dri-fit shirts were 25 years in the future.  Short shorts or sweatpants (sometimes both at the same time) were the norm.  Trucker hats were the only hats you could get.
  • Discs: Lots of Aviars, Aeros, Super Puppies, XDs, Stingrays, Kitty Hawks. Those big ones with the numbers on them were Midnight Flyers.
  • Putting: We’ve gotten better.
  • Morley: A lot of the Morley layout hasn’t changed in 25-30 years.  Some trees look about the same as they do now, some are tiny (or non-existent).
  • Players: So far I think I’ve seen Snapper (looks remarkably the same), Dan “Stork” Roddick, Sam Ferrans, Marcus Cisneros, John Ahart, Steve Killian, possibly Jerry Goff or Dan Shorkey.

I encourage you to take a look at these videos when you have the time.  If you played back then or are psychic, help us ID these golfers!  In the comments section list who you think you saw, the time stamp on the video, and what they were wearing.  Maybe we can get someone to put together a viewer’s guide?

You can find the videos here.  Once again, big thanks to Snapper!  Enjoy!!

Open Board Positions

January 9, 2014

The San Diego Aces have a few open board positions we would like to fill.  We’re looking for a new Secretary, Sun Valley Course Rep, Montiel Park Course Rep and possibly a Brengle Terrace Course Rep.  If you are interested, please contact Aces President Allen Risley (

Candidates will be considered at the next board meeting, which will be held on Monday, Jan 13 at 6pm, at Sunroad Financial Complex, 11770 Bernardo Court Suite 116, San Diego, CA 92128.  All Aces members are welcome to attend.  We will interview any candidates who are present at the beginning of the meeting, so you don’t have to stay for the whole meeting (which usually runs 2-1/2 to 3 hours…).

2014 Ice Bowl Season is Here!

January 8, 2014

The 2014 Ice Bowl season has beguntournament logo and the Golden Sombrero Series is back for another year. If you don’t already know, Ice Bowls are charity fund-raising tournaments held each January and February to benefit local food banks.  For over 25 years the Ice Bowl movement has been bringing disc golfers out in the cold to help the hungry – this year there are over 200 events scheduled across the country.  Find more info here:

While we don’t get a lot of ice and snow in Southern California, we still like to play disc golf and help the hungry, so we participate in the Ice Bowl fun.  Cliff Towne has been running the Ice Bowl in Paradise at various locations for over 10 years and six years ago, Bill Maury-Holmes created the Golden Sombrero Series – a collection of Ice Bowls in SoCal.  Since there were four events that first year he came up with the name “Golden Sombrero”, which is a term used to describe going 0-4 with four strikeouts in a baseball game.  He and Allen Risley have coordinated the GS series ever since, and this year is the biggest it’s been.  And this will be the third year with actual ice at a GS Ice Bowl, since the series returns to Wrightwood on Feb 22.

The first event of the season was held last Saturday (1/4) in Redlands, where 55 players showed up at Ford Park to ring in the new disc golf year.  After 18 holes of golf, Danny Zwolenski and Kerry Miller were tied at 19-under par, with the help of a few mulligans.  Danny’s CTP tie-breaker shot was a bit closer, so he walked away with the trophy.  That puts Danny in the lead for the Golden Sombrero Series title, which awards the winner a gold-painted sombrero and a portable basket.  Points are awarded at each event for the number of players you beat, with your top four point totals counting towards the title.

Mulligans you ask?  Yes, many of our Ice Bowls sell mulligans for $1 each to raise funds for their charity.  And all of them have some type of prize raffle to raise money as well.  Don’t expect a big prize payout since the point of these events is to feed the hungry.  But you can expect a cool (no pun intended) custom-stamped disc and a chance to play a fun round with friends.  If you’ve never played a tournament before, an Ice Bowl is a great, low-stress way to get started.

Here’s the remaining Golden Sombrero schedule for 2014 (click on event name for registration info):

  • Sat, Jan 11 – Ice Bowl at Prado Regional Park, Chino (2 rounds, mulligans, 1st-time event)
  • Sat, Jan 18 – Ice Bowl in Paradise, Chavez Ridge, LA (PDGA-sanctioned, no mulligans, 2 rounds)
  • Sat, Feb 1 – Sycuan Ice Bowl, El Cajon (2 day rounds, glow round at night, mulligans)
  • Sat, Feb 1 – Yucaipa Ice Bowl, Yucaipa Regional Park (1 round, disc and 3 mulligans included)
  • Sun, Feb 2 – San Marcos Super Ice Bowl, Cal State San Marcos DGC (1 round, Super Class, no mulligans)
  • Sat, Feb 15 – Murrieta Ice Bowl, Mountain Pride Park (1 round, lunch included, mulligans)
  • Sat, Feb 22 – Wrightwood Ice Bowl, Sky High North (1 round, snow, mulligans)
  • Sun, Feb 23 (tentative) – Mission Bay Ice Bowl, Mission Bat Golf Course, San Diego (1 round, night golf)

If you have questions about an individual event, go to its registration page to find contact info for the tournament director – they’ll be happy to help you out.  And remember the Ice Bowl motto: “No Wimps, No Whiners!”

Are You a Hott Shott?

December 12, 2013

If so, here’s your chance to prove it!  This Saturday (12/14/2013) from 9am to 5pm we will be holding a Hott Shott putting contest at the Kit Carson Park Disc Golf Course.  Your first attempt at the contest is free (2nd time is $2, $5 for more) and you’ll have a chance to compete for a State or National title.  Hott Shott putting contests will be held all across the country on December 14th, and we’re a part of that movement.

Hott Shott is not your typical putting contest.  Each participant throws 2 rounds of 25 putts.  In each round, you’ll throw 5 discs from 5ft, 10ft, 15ft, 20ft and 25ft.  One of your discs at each station will be worth extra points, kind of like the 3-point contest at the NBA All-Star game.  If there are over 50 participants, 1st prize will be $50.

And if that isn’t enough, there will be a round of glow disc golf after 5pm.  Our TD has brought in glowing chains, just for this event!

Aces’ Membership Director Mark Verrochi will be running the contest and glow round – for more information contact him at



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