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June Rotating Monthly @ Sycuan

June 24, 2014

The Aces’ Rotating Monthly head’s back to Sycuan this Sunday (June 29)! For more details and to pre-register (and save $5) check out this page at DGU:

Sun Valley Open is Back!

June 3, 2014

After a one-year layoff to increase the size of his family, David Parnell is back to TD the Sun Valley Open in 2014.  The tournament will be held Saturday and Sunday, July 12/13, at Sun Valley Golf Course.  As in previous years, the 18-hole SVO layout will be used (featuring tight lines and possible roll-aways), there will be two pools to maximize field size, there will be the $1,000 doubles-skins on Sunday and David promises big payouts across all divisions. Registration is available on DGU,  a tournament flyer is available or you can contact David at 619-675-6477.

Lots of fundraising is required to make all of this happen, so David is going “full-NASCAR”, with lots of ways to sponsor the event and get your name or logo visible.  Here’s a menu of the different ways to support the event:

Final 5 Safari Tee sign $60
Booth/Tent at event $40 + a prize

Tee Sign $25
Whole Sandtrap $20
Hang Business/Banner $20
Sponsor Score Board $30 each or both $50
Your logo on Hole Instructions
Basket card $5
P.O.D. Sandtrap block $5
Donate customize scorecards
Donate Prize for raffle(value TBD)
Donate CTP during round
Donate for lunch time eliminator

Contact David at 619-675-6477 for more info.

Update on Fire-Related Disc Golf Closures

May 20, 2014

***Update***  All of the courses affected by the fires have re-opened!

While the fires have been put out (for the most part, at least), the Cocos Fire (San Marcos) continues to have an impact on our local disc golf courses.

Kit Carson Park DGC – While Kit Carson was in no danger of burning, the entire park, including the disc golf course, has been closed since last Thursday while the park has been used as the staging area for the fire crews battling the Cocos fire.  Fire crews have been using KCP to park their fire engines, set up tents for sleeping and set up mobile kitchens and dining areas.  The City of Escondido website currently says that the entire park is closed through end of the day Thursday (5/22/2014).  If this changes we will announce it here.

Cal State San Marcos DGC – The fire came very close to CSUSM (I was there, I saw it!), but the campus sustained no physical damage.  CSUSM was also use as an emergency command post through last weekend, so the campus (including the disc golf course) was closed.  Graduation ceremonies had been scheduled for last weekend but were postponed to this coming weekend (Sat/Sun, 5/24-25).Because of all the set-up and tear-down work that has to be done around the track area, the campus has closed holes 1-8 from 8am on Thursday (5/22) until 5pm on Monday (5/26).

Thank you for your patience!

Kit Carson Park DGC and CSUSM DGC closed because of fires

May 15, 2014

Kit Carson Park DGC has been closed for the next few days (hopefully not longer) as it is being used as a staging location for the firefighting efforts related to the Cocos (San Marcos) fire. Please do not get in the way of the firefighting efforts by trying to play disc golf!!!!

The campus of CSUSM is also being used for firefighting staging, plus it’s too darn close to the flames – so please do not try to play there as well.

Montiel Park in San Marcos has not been closed, but it’s awfully close to the firefighting traffic as well, so we recommend staying away until the Cocos fire is out!

Brengle Terrace Park, Morley Field, Sun Valley and Sycuan sound like much better alternatives! Please keep our disc golfing friends who live in the danger zone in your thoughts and prayers.

Local Course Closures this Summer

May 14, 2014

The San Diego Aces have been informed of schedule closures of some of our local disc golf courses during the summer months.  Details so far are as follows:

Cal State San Marcos DGC:  Holes 1 through 8 will be closed from Wednesday, May 14 to Sunday evening, May 18, as CSUSM holds it’s graduation ceremonies.  Parking in and around the campus will be in short supply on Friday and Saturday, so it may even be difficult to play holes 10-18.

Brengle Terrace Park: The entire course will be closed on the following days:

  • Saturday & Sunday, June 28 & 29 (Scottish Highland Games)
  • Friday, July 4 (July 4th Celebration)

Holes 5, 6 and 7 will be closed at 4:30pm and the fairways used for parking for the Moonlight Amphitheater on the following days:

  • May 16, 23, 24, 28, 31
  • June 10-15, 18-22, 26-28
  • July 5, 16-20, 23-27, 31
  • August 1-2, 13-17, 20-24, 28-30
  • September 10-14, 17-21, 25-27

Sycuan Golf & Tennis Resort:  The course will be closed Thursday, August 28th and Friday, September 19th for special events.

Please note: When course closures are announced in advance, please do not attempt to play the courses or holes that are closed, even if it “looks like it would be OK”.  Our hosts depend upon our cooperation.  Thanks!


Final Golden Sombrero Report

May 12, 2014

Editor’s note:  My apologies for the delay in posting these results.  Early in the morning of Sunday, Feb. 23rd – the day of the Mission Bay Ice Bowl – I received a call informing me that a close family member on the east coast had experienced a medical emergency, and that I needed to get there ASAP (I flew out that day).  Since then, their condition has stabilized but I continue to travel east regularly and have been spending many hours dealing with arranging care and handling family business.  These things come before my disc golf hobby.  The amount of time I can spend writing content and managing the SD Aces and SoCal websites (and playing disc golf) has decreased considerably.  If you would like to help out by writing stories for either website, please contact me at Thanks in advance.  -Allen Risley

Finally, a new Golden Sombrero Series champion!  Hearty congratulations go out to Jason Perdue, who bested the largest Golden Sombrero field yet to take the 2014 title and the fancy-schmancy crown that goes with it.

2014 saw the largest number of events so far in the Golden Sombrero Ice Bowl Series (9), the largest amount of money donated to charity ($11,000+) and the largest number of players in the series (410).  Jason finished the series with a total score of 256 points, beating second-place finisher Chris Horn (225) by 31 points.  Four-time GS champion A.J. Risley finished third with 214 points, followed by Danny Zwolenski (190) and Jason Fitzgerald (174).

The points race puts a premium on beating other players – competitors receive one point for each player that they beat at a Golden Sombrero event, with their top four event totals being used for the series title race.  This format also gives an advantage to players that play in (and do well in) larger events, where they can earn more points.  In past years this meant that the champion had to play the largest Ice Bowl in SoCal – The Ice Bowl in Paradise @ Chavez Ridge.  That looked to be true again in 2014, as going into the final weekend, A.J. held a comfortable 38-point lead over Danny and 41 points over Chris, due to a 2nd-place finish at Chavez.  But this year, the landscape changed…

Participation was great at this year’s Ice Bowls, with 55 players at Redlands, 47 at Prado, 83 at Chavez, 64 at Yucaipa, 44 at Sycuan, 51 at San Marcos, 64 at Murrieta, 54 at Wrightwood and a whopping 101 at Mission Bay!  Chris’ strong 2nd place finish at Wrightwwod moved him into the lead on Saturday evening of the final weekend, while Jason’s win leap-frogged him into 3rd place overnight.

Standings after Wrightwood:
Place   Name                        Points      Events
1          Chris Horn                 225               4
2          A.J. Risley                  214               5
3          Jason Perdue             201              4
4          Danny Zwolenski      190               7
5          Mark Horn                163                3
6          Mark Verrochi          160               3
7          Allen Risley               152                5
8         Bill Maury-Holmes   148                3
9         Tim Caldwell              137                3
10       David Patrick             123               4

Jason’s strong second-place finish at Mission Bay, coupled with the humongous number of players in that event vaulted him into first place when the dust (or fog) settled on Sunday evening.  To his credit, he finished the series with three wins (Sycuan, San Marcos and Wrightwood) and one second-place finish – Jason kicked sombrero butt!

Final Standings (after Mission Bay):
Place    Name                        Points        Events
1           Jason Perdue             256               5
2          Chris Horn                  225               4
3          A.J. Risley                   214               5
4          Danny Zwolenski       190               8
5          Jason Fitzgerald         174               3
6          Mark Horn                  163               3
7          Mark Verrochi            160               3
8          Allen Risley                 152               5
9          Patrick Paramore      150               3
10        Bill Maury-Holmes   148                3

Golden Sombrero full results.

Pre-Mother’s Day Doubles at Emerald Isle – Friday @ 4

May 6, 2014

Here’s a message from Randy Wylot, who is organizing the SD Aces May Monthly at Emerald Isle on 5/10/2014:

Hello Disc Golfers

Emerald Isle disc golf layout will be set up for random draw doubles (A & B pools) this Friday starting 4pm. Cost is $5 doubles plus $5 green fee to walk or $10 green fee with cart. We need baskets…if you can bring a basket please contact me. Help get the word out!!!

Saturday’s event will begin 1pm. Please arrive early for check in and reserve a cart. There are only 32 carts ($5 a person) so pair up with someone who is on your card. The scorecards will be arranged on the score point leader board. In the interest of time, we will be playing 36 holes without a break. There will be carts delivering food and beverages, and the snack shop in the middle of the course will be open.

San Diego Aces and SoCal DGA memberships will be available. Bring your Aces tag!!

Thank you for signing up for the event and I look forward to seeing all this weekend.

Randy Wylot 619.709.7927


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