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Morley Field Course Co-Rep – Daniel Lichtman


Daniel “Big D” Lichtman
Open Division

Began playing disc golf?:
I first found disc golf at Campland by the Bay in PB. They had a few baskets in the middle of the park, I was 10 or 11 and had a beach Frisbee, and I had a blast. The next time I saw disc golf baskets was in 1994 at Morley field, but it was a couple more years before I started playing there. Once I started playing Morley, I had the sickness, and now I can’t stop!

First Disc:
DX Cobra. Dark green. (thanks Snapper!) Horrible disc, but it were great to own one, and not rent anymore!

Favorite Disc:
Star T-Bird. I found one on a course in Indiana a few years ago, started throwing it that day, and loved it. I’ve replaced it a couple of times, but can’t imagine my game without it.

Favorite Driver:
I always waiver between the Star Destroyer and ESP Surge

Favorite Midrange:
The Crystal Buzz is by far my favorite midrange, but the Comet and Gator are discs that have to go in the bag too

Favorite Putter:
JK Aviar is the best piece of plastic in the bag

“In My Bag?”:
Champion Stingray, Champion Viking, First Run ESP Surge, Star Destroyer, Champion Orc, Sparkle Tsunami, Star T-Bird, Champion Firebird, Star Monster, Champion Gator, Crystal Buzz, First Flight Shockwave, ESP Comet, KC Pro Aviar, JK Pro Aviar, Soft JK Pro aviar

Favorite DG Website:
The PDGA website is the most useful website, having all the past tournament results and upcoming tournament info. Without it, I may never remember what year I placed fourth at Mountain High! DiscGolfersRus is much more social, and is a great website too. It’s nice to have an outlet for pics and videos, and a place to talk disc golf trash with friends.

Favorite Pro Player:
My favorite pro to play with Micah Dorius. He and I have had a lot of good times as partners on Wednesday doubles, and he has taught me quite a few things about the game. Dave Feldberg is my favorite pro to hang out with off the course. He’s a goofy, fun guy who likes to party, play poker and tell lame jokes. But technically, as I must play Pro at Morley, I will have to say that my favorite pro player is Big D!

Tips for other players that have helped you:
Slow down, focus and follow through… slow down your motions and follow through. Most pros look almost like they’re in slow motion until the point of release, and then all the momentum you create needs to follow through your shot. Focus on your line before you even think about throwing. Visualization is key to the game. When I stand at my lie, I see the shot I want happening in my mind over and over, until it’s all that I can focus on, then throw that line just like it happened in my head. Sometimes I know it’s in the basket just a fraction of a second after released, since I feel the shot hit the line just like in my head.

4 Comments leave one →
  1. Hunter Mannix permalink
    February 14, 2014 9:49 am

    Hello Big D I was wondering if you were gonna be at the course tomorrow? I had asked you about the white deschutes Orc and wanted to grab it.

  2. Vinnie nannery permalink
    April 20, 2011 7:50 pm

    I found a bag tag in redding ca enterprise disc golf course #40 2011 aces club bag tag 40 my email is my name is vinnie thank you

  3. DUANE SPIES permalink
    August 24, 2010 6:49 am

    Long time Donny, hope all is well hope to run into you some time and talk about old time on and off the course. My body could not stay together like my knees and shoulder so not playing like I use to.
    Take Care
    Duane Spies

  4. Shaun permalink
    May 13, 2010 4:03 pm

    Im trying to purchess a bag tag.
    Looking to find out where in town you might be.

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