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2014 Board Candidate Bios


Tony Buck

Tony Buck – Hi, my name is Tony Buck , I am currently serving on the 2013  San Diego Aces Board of Directors as course rep for Kit Carson Park.  As course rep for the past two years I have helped the course grow with new pin positions that change often, new obstacles, benches etc. and would like to continue to help grow the course in 2014, after all Disc golfers deserve the best courses possible to play on. Have a great day on the course.


Garret Tapken –  I would like to nominate myself for the 2014 Treasurer position on the SD Aces Board.  I’m currently employed at MadCap Software as a Staff Accountant and really think my work experience can be useful to the Aces in managing its funds.  I see a lot of talk on Facebook and such about where the money goes and whats its being used for, most of which is negative. This frustrates me because 1) people don’t take the time to research the costs of discs, bag tags, running melees etc and 2) there really isn’t any response from the Club itself on the issues brought up.  I know there are channels in place to get in contact with the Board Members, but the fact of the matter is, people take to Facebook because it is an easy, quick, and public forum to raise such issues. I think that people would really have a better view of how the money is being spent if the way things are communicated is improved.  I want to run for this because I’m honestly tired of hearing all the talk but seeing no one take action. So here I am, taking action and wanting to help.  Thank you for the consideration.


Mark Verrochi –

Mark Verrochi sorts the rainbow of tags

Mark Verrochi

Over the past 3 1/2 years, I have served the club as a course representative (in 2010 and 2011) and the Membership Director (in 2012 and 2013). In the last 10 months, I have helped the club by running a weekly league at Kit Carson Park, running the Sycuan Ice Bowl, and assisting in running the Pro Spring Fling and San Marcos Ace Race. Additionally, I have run bag tag events and put together the North Team, through qualifiers, for the North verses South event.

Since stepping into the Membership Director role, I have organized and distributed membership packages (with the help of course representatives and SDSF) to over 650 members each year. This year I have sent a monthly newsletter to all members, which provides information of club activities on a regular basis. I have also been an active participant in almost every Aces event in 2013. In preparation for 2014, I have helped to expand the membership packages to include more disc manufacturers and shirts. I have also created a way for members to express input anonymously to the club (via the survey sent in September), and am excited to work on addressing the requests. My 2014 goals include running more tournaments and running clinics for kids and families. I appreciate your support and hope to see you out on the course.


Donny Olow

Donny Olow

Donny Olow

I would like to Help out the San Diego Ace’s Board of Directors once again for the Year of 2014.  I have Brought in Thousands of Dollars of Revenue to the Club over the Years I have been a Board Member.  I have not taken One Dime of that money for Personal Gain or Personal Profit. My Job is to Encourage our Club members to Re-Join and to ADD New Members to be a part of our Club Efforts.  I am looking Forward into Building New Courses for the Requesting Members of South County and to be part of a Great Club who’s main Interest is Building New Courses for them to Play.  I am always available. You can count on me. Please vote for Donny Olow for Board member in 2014 !  Thanks Again for All your Help in Building a Great Disc Golf Club for San Diego County !!!!

Thanks ,  Donny Olow


Allen Risley – I have been throwing Frisbees and playing disc golf for quite a while, playing in my first competitive event in Florida in 1978 when I was in high school.  I joined the PDGA in 1979, played in three Pro Worlds in the early 1980’s and created the first PDGA Course Directory in 1985.  After a break from disc golf for a few years I started playing again and was one of the first members of the S.D. Aces when it formed in 2007.  When Montiel Park added its disc golf course in 2008, I joined the Aces Board as a Course Rep.  I served as Secretary 2012 and have been President for the past year.

Allen Risley

Allen Risley

I enjoy playing disc golf, but I also enjoy creating more places for people to play the game and holding events for the players.  I worked with the City of San Marcos to get the Montiel Park and Sunset Park courses installed, and worked with campus officials at  CSUSM to add a course to the campus.  All are free-to-play.  I was involved in designing the disc golf layout at Goat Hill and have run several tournaments there.  This past year I have been meeting with officials in two South County cities to add courses to their parks, and recently installed a 9-hole course at a church camp east of San Diego.

I have been Tournament Director for PDGA tournaments at Goat Hill, Emerald Isle, CSUSM, Kit Carson Park and Sun Valley, as well as 7 Ice Bowls, 6 Ace Races, 3 World’s Biggest Disc Golf Events, and weekly doubles at Montiel Park.  For the past four years I have been managing the Aces’ web site and Facebook page and have done the same for SoCal Disc Golf Association for the last two years.  And in 2012 I was honored with a spot on Innova’s Ambassador Team.  I feel like my track record shows that I am an active and effective supporter and promoter of the sport of disc golf and disc golf in San Diego County.  I would appreciate your support.  Respectfully,  Allen Risley, PDGA #1752.


Randy Wylot – Randy WylotI’ve been playing disc golf since 2004 and currently competing in the Pro Grand Masters division. I’ve been on the San Diego Aces BOD since 2007. This year I was the TD for the Mission Bay Ice Bowl, and the SoCal Championships held at Kit Carson Park and Brengle Terrace. I’ve been working closely with the City of Vista to improve and complete the San Diego Aces Disc Golf Course at Brengle Terrace. Currently I am mentoring several Eagle Scout projects that will benefit the course at Brengle Terrace as well as introducing disc golf to the local boy scouts in Vista and surrounding communities. This year I also helped Vista Magnet Middle School receive 9 baskets and discs from the EDGE Program. At Kit Carson Park I ran the Aces booth at the local Pumpkin Run that raises money for youth activities in the park.

If reelected I will continue to promote disc golf events in San Diego and develop programs that will help build community support between disc golfers and surrounding business. I look forward to another great year for disc golf in San Diego.

Chad Nichter – My name is Chad Nichter.  I’m originally from Fort Wayne, IN and I’ve lived in San Diego for two years now.  I’ve been playing disc golf for about 9 months.  I became addicted to the sport very quickly and now I can’t stop playing.  While I was in college, I was in a fraternity, so I am very familiar with how organizations are run and what it takes from every member to be successful.  Currently, I am working in the financial services industry and was a finance major in college.  Although I haven’t been playing very long, I love the sport and want to help continue the success of the Aces and keep the sport growing.
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