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San Marcos Ace Race is Saturday, Oct. 24th

October 7, 2015

The 8th Annual San Marcos Ace Race will be held at Montiel Park on Saturday, Oct. 24th.  You can register online at DiscGolfU:


We use the Ace Race each year as a fundraiser.  This year most of the proceeds will go towards the Daniel Boe Memorial Tournament, which will be held at Kit Carson Park in the Spring.

The Ace Race is always a lot of fun at Montiel Park.  We will once again have a shortened layout, since the Ace Race prototype disc for 2015 is a putter.  And as always, we will have the Mini Ace Race, played on 9 mini baskets.  Sign up ASAP and bring a few extra bucks on Ace Race day so you can enter the side games.

Se you there!



CSUSM DGC Closure – 8/10-8/16

August 13, 2015

Baskets 10 through 14 on the Cal State San Marcos Disc Golf Course are closed for the week of August 10-16 as the campus hosts the Stone Brewing Anniversary event.  The baskets have been pulled and the whole central part of campus is covered with pop-up tents, so those holes are unplayable.  You can still play holes 1 through 9 and then walk to play holes 16-18.  The baskets will be back in place by Monday morning, August 17.

North vs. South on the Horizon

August 12, 2015

Each year, the San Diego Aces hold an internal match play event called the North vs. South Challenge.  The history of the event is that the South has been dominant, with only one victory for the North in the several years the event has been held.  This year’s renewal of the North vs. South Challenge will be held on the weekend of September 11/12, 2015.  Here are a few key details regarding the event:

  • Players must be San Diego Aces members, joining at least one month before North vs. South is contested.
  • The rough dividing line for the teams is the 52 freeway (however players calling Mast Park home may be chosen for the South team).
  • Competition is in match play format, with singles matches counting for one point and doubles matches counting for two points.
  • Saturday matches will be played in North County, at Kit Carson Park (singles) and Brengle Terrace Park (doubles).
  • Sunday matches will be played in South County, at Sun Valley Golf Course (doubles) and Morley Field (singles).
  • Each team is composed of 4 Men’s Pro Open (MPO) players, 6 Advanced Amateur (MA1) players, 6 Intermediate Amateur (MA2) players, 2 Masters (40+ years old) and 2 Women (Pro or Amateur).
  • Team Captains are Chad Nichter for the North and Jason Perdue for the South.

Players can qualify for the team in a variety of ways, primarily through participation in the Aces’ Monthly tournaments or in qualifier rounds scheduled by the team captains.  Participation in local PDGA events can also be used as a qualifier and captains can make a limited number of discretionary selections.

Several team qualifiers will be occurring over the next few weeks to finalize the teams:

  • North Qualifier – Saturday, 8/15 at Kit Carson Park, 8:30am start.
  • San Diego Aces Monthly – Sunday, 8/16 at Goat Hill, register by 8:30a, tee times start at 9am (both teams).
  • South Qualifier – Monday, 8/24 at Sun Valley, 5pm start.
  • North Qualifier – Sunday, 8/30 at Brengle Terrace Park, 8:30am start.
  • South Qualifier – Saturday, 9/5 at Mast Park, 9am start.

If you have questions about participation, contact your team captain.  Check out this link for more details on the North vs. South

Fly Free JT!

July 31, 2015

John (JT) Tallent, a long time San Diego disc golfer and overall flying disc competitor passed away recently with loving friends at his side. Over his career JT held numerous World and U.S. flying disc titles and World Records, but Morley Field was his home course. A memorial service will be held at Morley this Saturday, August 1st at 10am to celebrate a man who gave so much to those around him. Please attend and help send his spirit to greater fairways. Fly free JT!

John Tallent and Steady Ed

John Tallent and Steady Ed

#Growthesport San Diego!

July 29, 2015

Disc golf is growing, and it seems like the pace accelerates every week. Since the beginning of the year, disc golf holes-in-one have shown up on ESPN’s nightly Top Ten list at least four times, and now we’re getting some local TV coverage in San Diego. The new disc golf course at Mast Park in Santee, CA was featured on TWO separate TV stations tonight, showcasing some of our enthusiastic local players and demonstrating the cooperative effort of the city of Santee and the San Diego Aces Disc Golf Club. Check out these two TV segments, then head out to Mast Park and play this fun new course. And join with us as we #growthesport #plantsomebaskets #growthesmiles

CBS Channel 8

ABC Channel 10

New Baskets to Play at Mast Park!

July 10, 2015

The San Diego Aces had a very successful work party on Thursday, partnering with a crack maintenance crew from the City of Santee to install baskets for the nine-hole course at Mast Park.  All nine baskets (plus a practice basket) are in the ground, ready to play.  Tee locations for all nine holes are currently marked with sprinkler flags (red = short tees, blue = long tees).  Another work party will be held on Monday, July 13 to install wood frames for DG tee pads, with rubber mats to be added over the next several weeks.  A map of the layout can be found here.

Over the next several weeks we will be deciding on a schedule for a doubles league and how often the baskets will be rotated between their A, B and C positions.  The plan is for the baskets to be in either “all A”, “all B” or “all C” positions for simplicity’s sake.  Please join us in enjoying this new course and remember to pack out any trash you bring in!

2015-07-09 08.15.00 2015-07-09 12.41.23 2015-07-09 13.10.59v2 2015-07-10 05.17.43MP1 MP2 MP3 MP4 MP5M6

Mast Park Work Party Scheduled for Thursday, July 9th

July 6, 2015


Thursday, July 9th from 7am to 3pm. Yes, 7am – the city crew starts work early.  We will be:  1) setting the sleeves into the ground for all nine holes, 3 sleeves per hole or 27 sleeves;  2) assembling the baskets; 3) digging the tee pad foundations, building and setting frames for the tees and filling the frames with DG (decomposed granite).  We will be aided by a work crew from the City of Santee, who are bringing a power auger (to dig the holes), a cement mixer trailer (so we don’t have to lug bags of cement and buckets of water) and the lumber and DG for the tees.  We need a big crew in order to get this all done in one day – and please show up as early as possible so we can organize.

VERY IMPORTANT!!! Because of insurance issues, volunteers (that means all of us) are NOT allowed to park in the park’s parking lot or on any other city property (this may be referring to parking for the library next to the park?). We are asking everyone to park at the nearby Wal-Mart and walk to the park (map is below).

We need volunteers to bring some tools:  shovels, post-hole diggers, bow rakes, hammers, wrenches, screwdrivers, duct tape (don’t you always need duct tape?).  Instructions for installing the basket sleeves can be found here.  Check it out so you’re ready for Thursday!

If you have any questions or would like to receive emails regarding the work party, please send me a message at


Allen Risley – President, San Diego Aces Disc Golf ClubMast Parking Map


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